Programs & Services

The many and varied programs and services offered by the Wyckoff Y will keep the entire family busy from dawn to dusk.

Instructional Swim Lessons

Let’s start making waves! Develop a love of swimming and increase your child’s safety, confidence, and awareness in and around the water. Children are taught personal safety, water orientation, and stroke development. Learning to swim takes time and patience. YMCA Instructors are thorough in their teaching methods to ensure that all children learn to swim independently and safely.

Session III / IV

30 min. Lessons
Infant/Toddler A,B,C, Preschool 1-4 School Age 2-4
Full Member: $115 Program Member: $145

45 min. Lessons
School Age 5, Teen Beg. & Teen Int.
Full Member: $130 Program Member: $160

60 min. Lessons
School Age 6, Swim Clinic, Teen Adv.
Full Member: $150 Program Member: $180

Instructional Swim Lessons – Session III & IV

Weekly Swim Evaluations

Mon at 6:30pm
Wed at 6:30pm
Sat at 1pm



Ages 4 – 17
YMCA instructor designs a curriculum to teach the swimming skills necessary for safety as well as enjoyment. Develop confidence while learning the different strokes.
Full Member: $320 Program Member: $360

Ages 4 – 17
Bring a friend or sibling of similar swim ability to share a 30 min. swim lesson.
Full Member: $450 Program Member: $490

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lesson Time Slots:
Monday 1-6pm
Tuesday 12-5:30pm
Wednesday 3-6pm
Thursday 1-5:30pm
Friday 2-6pm
Saturday 9am-12:30pm
Sunday 10-11:30am

Instructional Swim Program Policies


Pool Parties with our Waterpark Wibit are for Children 4 & Up. Games include: “Sharks & Minnows”, Cannonball/Jumping & Raft Building Contests, Marco Polo, and Basketball Shooting Contests too! Contact:

Pediatric One-on-One Aquatic Rehabilitation

Certified Instructor works with your child in the water using therapeutic exercises created for his or her needs.
Full Member: $25 / 30 min. $35 / 45 min.
Program Member: $30 / 30 min. $40 / 45 min.


Session III & IV

NEW! Swim Team Prep
Level A: Ages 5-7 must be a level 4 or higher
Mon. & Fri. 6-6:30pm
Level B: Ages 8-10 must be level 6 or higher
Wed. & Fri. 5:30-6:30pm
Classes meet twice a week and will move at a faster pace than our traditional swim lessons. Focus on competitive strokes, starts, turns, and the endurance that will help swimmers experience the demands of a swim team. Director Approval required.

Water Polo High School Coed Intramural
Gr. 9 – 12
Sat. 4:30-5:30pm BOYE POOL
Feb. 25 – May 20 (12 weeks)
Looking for a game of water polo? Grab your friends and try our co-ed High School Water Polo Program! Weekly pickup games led and officiated by our water polo coach.

Gr. 3 – 6
Thu. 6:30-7:30pm BOYE POOL
Increase stamina and reap the cardiovascular benefits of swimming while taking a proactive approach to injury prevention. Work with a Coach to get a “fitness center” strength training workout in the weightless environment of the water!

Mini Masters
Gr. 3 – 6
Wed. 5:30-6:30pm BOYE POOL
Build endurance while improving stroke technique. Ideal for young experienced swimmers who want to keep in “competitive swim” shape. Participants should be proficient in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.

Jr. Masters
Gr. 8 – 12
Wed. 6:30-7:30pm BOYE POOL
Stay in “competitive swim” shape and improve stroke technique while building endurance. Participants should be proficient in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.

Gr. 1 – 6
Tue. 5-5:30pm NEW POOL
Learn basic diving skills in this weekly class. Swimmers must be deep water confident.

Teen Group Classes

New to Swimming? Sess. III/IV

Ideal for the older child mastering the proper techniques and skills of swimming later in life.
Beginner – Gr. 6 & Up – 45 min. Lesson
Intermediate – Gr. 6 & Up – 45 min. Lesson
Advanced – Gr. 8 & Up – 60 min. Lesson