Programs & Services

The many and varied programs and services offered by the Wyckoff Y will keep the entire family busy from dawn to dusk.


The Fitness Center is one of many areas of the Y that helps members achieve their health and wellness goals.
Our role is to connect with each member to support their unique journey and build lasting relationships and a healthier community.

Get Started Toward Your Fitness Goals

with 2 COMPLIMENTARY ORIENTATIONS to the Fitness Center with a certified trainer!
Work with a fitness consultant to identify and create a plan tailored just for you. Be sure to make your appointment at the Membership desk. New Full Members only.

Personal Training
Ages 13 & Up
Reach your fitness goals with one-on-one sessions ranging from strength, cardio, flexibility, improvement, weight loss, athletic performance, yoga, and Pilates.

1 Hour Session          Full Member         Program Member
1 Session                               $70                                   $75
5 Sessions                            $320                                 $350
10 Sessions                          $590                                 $620
30 Minute Session
1 Session                               $50                                   $55
5 Sessions                             $220                                $250
10 Sessions                           $380                                $410

Small Group Training
Get motivated with a trainer and up to three friends in these challenging one-hour sessions.
Full Member: $80, 5 Sessions for $350
Program Member: $100, 5 Sessions for $450

NEW! Jump Start
Make time for yourself and learn how to reset your metabolism, get motivated through movement, and find time to relax and destress!

Package focuses on all areas of wellness and includes:
1 hr. Personal Training session,
1 hr. Nutrition Consultation,
30 min. Massage or Reflexology,
and choice of 1 fitness workshop.
Full Member: $100
Program Member: $120

Monthly Workshops

Bye, Bye, Back Pain
Learn medically safe exercises to prevent chronic back and neck pain with techniques such as the Feldenkrais Method, the Alexander Method, and safe abdominal exercises. Instructor – Roberta Bergman, MS Dance/ Movement Therapy, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Aqua and Fitness Trainer.

MELT – FULL BODY 90 min.
MELT helps address postural misalignments, opens up joint space, helps your body heal, decreases inflammation, reconnects and calms the nervous system, and hydrates the connective tissue system for better balance, circulation, and grace in your everyday activities.

Combine the techniques of The MELT Method, therapeutic stretching, myofascial release, and yoga therapy to restore your body closer to its ideal state of alignment, balance, mobility, and grace.

Yoga Workshops

Meditation                                                     Qi Gong
Balance Training                                            Ashtanga Yoga
Reflexology for Self Healing                            Sound Healing Meditation
Yin Yoga                                                        Mindfulness Meditation
Kundalini Yoga