Programs & Services

The many and varied programs and services offered by the Wyckoff Y will keep the entire family busy from dawn to dusk.

FLCC All Fitness

Family Yoga

Sat, May 6 from 2:30-3:30pm
The Franklin Lakes Community Center
Family Yoga is a joyful and peaceful way to move together mindfully. Class begins with thoughtfully tuning in, followed by playful and meditative practices that include postures, partner poses, and group poses. Relaxation and guided imagery end the afternoon.
All family members welcome! To REGISTER: Call 201.904.2112 or In Person by MAY 1
YMCA/FLCC Full Member: $20 per family
Program Member: $25 per family

Sound Healing Meditation

Sun, May 21 from 12-1:15pm
The Franklin Lakes Community Center
Quiet your mind and release old physical and energetic patterns with this amazing Sound Healing Meditation using Tibetan Singing Bowls. The use of Tibetan Singing Bowls, vibrationally attuned to each energy center, allows for healing pathways to open and stuck energy to be released. Find your inner calm and walk away feeling refreshed and renewed.
REGISTER in person or call 201-904-2112 by MAY 18
YMCA/FLCC Full Member: $25 Program Member: $30 Non Member: $35

Join the Club & Get Moving!

Session IV (Apr 3 – Jun 3)
Break Week: April 10-15
Registration Required.
FLCC Members call 201.904.2112 / YMCA Members: Online

Teen Barre
Ages 10-14
Mon. 4-4:45pm
Full Member: FREE / Program member: $45
Limited space (12 participants)


Fitness Foundation (8-week session)
Ages 11-12
Sun. 1-2pm / Wed. 4-5pm
Set a Foundation for Fitness with proper form, technique, and etiquette on the cardio and circuit equipment; a great intro to the Fitness Center.
Full Member: $45 / Program Member: $55
Limited space (6 participants)

Teen Yoga
Ages 10-14
Thu. 4-4:45pm
Full Member: Free / Program Member: $45

Teen Zumba
Ages 10-14
Tue. 4-4:45pm
Full Member: Free / Basic Member: $45

Call us at 201.904.2112 for More Information!

Wyckoff Y Tri Club

Join the Tri Club! All abilities welcome from beginners to seasoned athletes.

Membership Includes:
• Training plans for the 2017 Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Triathlon & Franklin Lakes Scenic Half Marathon
• Group workouts with private pool time, cycling, and track sessions
• Monthly meetings and seminars
• Custom Team Apparel available
• ‘Y’ Tri Club Team Dri-Fit shirt
• Discounts at local retailers
• Great coaching by experienced athletes and team support

FLCC Members also enjoy the option to sign up (at Basic Member price) for:
• Fundamentals of Tri Swim
• Tri Swim Training—Intermediate or Advanced
• An additional Indoor Cycling class
• HIIT Treadmill class

FLCC Members: $300/year
Contact Bryan McDonnell at for more information.

Live Well Cancer Survivor Program

Tue. 2pm  at the YMCA  Sess. III/IV
Wed. 9:30am at the FLCC  Sess. III/IV
Gain the resources to support a healthy lifestyle in this group program designed for cancer survivors. Includes fitness, nutrition, yoga, and more!
Week 1: Meet & Greet, Program Introduction, Fitness Assessment & Testing
Week 2: Introduction to the Fitness Center & Cardiovascular Equipment
Week 3: Yoga & stretching exercises
Week 4: Nutrition Information & Cardiovascular Training
Week 5: Floor exercises, bands, & Light Resistance Training
Week 6: Nia , Meditation, Reiki Healing
Week 7: Strength Training & Cardiovascular Workout
Week 8: Follow-up assessment & re-test, next step programs to suit your
needs, & Celebration of Completion!
FREE Sponsored by the Wyckoff Y Cares Fund.

Group Exercise Classes (GEC)

FLCC GEC Schedule April 2017
FLCC AOA Exercise Schedule January

A.O.A Chair Fitness
Burn calories and tone muscle while seated in a chair. Gentle and effective for beginners and older adults

A lower intensity program recommended for seniors. Participants will increase cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and increase flexibility.

BARRE Sculpt
Combines elements of ballet, Pilates, and Yoga. Engage your core muscles as you work through a challenging series of barre and body strength moves.

A fusion of exercises that will improve flexibility, core strength and balance.

A cardiovascular workout incorporating boxing and kickboxing moves. A great total body workout.

Each week sample one of our heart pumping cardio classes.

A mixture of strength and cardio intervals for a total cross training effect.

As the body ages, muscles and joints begin to tighten which causes discomfort and anxiety about one’s physical well-being. Learn deep breathing and relaxation techniques that will help you remain healthy and active. Class will be performed standing as well as on the mat.

Experience greater flexibility, strength, and increase your range of motion, balance, and reduce stress.

A cardio and conditioning workout like no other to get the day started! Using free-weights, resistance bands, and just your own body weight, this class will tone, burn & define your body. Burn calories, sculpt muscles, and “burn” your body into great shape.

A mind-body program that tones and strengthens muscles, reduces stress, and creates a streamline body shape. Improve core postural muscle strength, stability, and flexibility through graceful movement.

R.I.P.P.E.D. ®
Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, Diet. This 50 min. workout combines an easy, yet effective cardiovascular routine interlaced with weights and resistance, a combination that keeps your body moving.

Employs the use of props (pillows, blankets, blocks, etc) to support the body so that you can hold the poses longer, allowing the body to release through passive stretching.

High Intensity Interval Training class using traditional fitness moves for a more athletic, conditioning-style workout. No salsa or merengue in this workout.

Wake up the right way with this early morning yoga class. Each posture and sequence is designed to ensure the body is prepared for the daily activities. Appropriate for beginners through skilled practitioners.

Fire up your metabolism and kiss calories goodbye in this unique style of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that is easy to adapt to all levels. What’s Tabata? 20 seconds of intense exercise 10 seconds of rest. Perform 8 rounds for a total of 4 min.

Define, firm, and condition all major muscle groups. This non-impact workout uses weights, resistance bands, body bars, and benches.

Get off the treadmill and walk to a beat. Features low-impact walking moves that can be modified to a fast walk or jog for more intensity. Class is the equivalent of a three mile walk with add segments of strength training.

High energy Latin and hip hop moves and rhythms with motivating music that is fun and easy too. The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for both the body and the mind.

Combines targeted body sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Zumba moves to create a calorie-torching strength-training workout.

Zumba for the active older adults, beginner participant and other special populations who may need modifications for success. Created to emphasize the basics, this explosive program is so easy to follow that students at any age can do it.

Fitness Programs

Fitness Orientation

Let a YMCA certified trainer help get you started properly in our brand new Fitness Center. We will teach you proper form and techniques on cardio and circuit equipment in your complimentary session and introduce you to all fitness activities available to you to ensure you reach your fitness goals.

Personal Training

Ages 13 & Up
Reach your fitness goals with one-on-one sessions ranging from strength, cardio, flexibility, improvement, weight loss, athletic performance, yoga, and Pilates.

Workout Smarter. Safer. Stronger.
Ask a Fitness Trainer for more details and to schedule an appointment TODAY!

1 Hour Session Full Member Program Member
1 Session $70 $75
5 Sessions $320 $350
10 Sessions $590 $620
30 Minute Session
1 Session $50 $55
5 Sessions $220 $250
10 Sessions $380 $410

Small Group Training

A fun and affordable way to reach your fitness goals. A trainer will motivate you and up to three friends in these fun yet challenging 1-hour sessions.
1 session: $80
5 sessions: $350

Personal Partners

A specialized exercise program for your loved one with special needs. A certified personal trainer will develop a program to match individual’s needs and capabilities.
45 min sessions              30 min sessions
1 session: $35                    1 session: $25
5 sessions: $150                5 sessions: $100
10 sessions: $260             10 sessions: $175

“The Fitness Prescription”

Post Rehab Training**

A 30 minute program tailored in consultation with your physician or physical therapist. Meet with a trainer twice a week to develop your exercise program. The program includes one fitness assessment and consultation, and eight 30-minute sessions.

Cancer Survivor Exercise Program**

An individualized exercise program designed for cancer survivors who have recently become de-conditioned from their treatment. The program includes one fitness assessment and consultation, and eight 30-minute sessions. The goals include improving muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, and quality of life.
FREE to Members (Sponsored by Wyckoff  Y Cares Fund)

** Physician’s clearance required. Continued sessions determined by trainer’s evaluation.

Wellness Services

Nutrition Counseling

Meet with a Registered Dietician or a Holistic Nutrition Counselor to address all your individual nutrition needs, and maximize the edge that good nutrition can give you! Ideal for weight management, sport nutrition, food allergies, pregnancy, new moms, picky eaters, and medical needs (Diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.).

Introductory Package
First time only. A one hour consultation &
two 30 minute follow up sessions: $75
One hour initial consultation: $50

30 minute follow up sessions (MUST have
a one hour initial consultation prior to
purchasing follow up sessions): $35

Massage Therapy

A great way to relax, improve circulation, take care of your body, and enhance your fitness program or training regimen. Relax, quiet your mind, and pamper your body. We offer Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. Services held at the Wyckoff YMCA. By appointment only.
Swedish Massage
All Members:
• 1/2 hour: $45
• 1 hour: $65
• 1-1/2 hours: $95
• 1/2 hour: $55
• 1 hour: $75
• 1-1/2 hours: $105
Deep Tissue Massage
All Members:
• 1/2 hour: $55
• 1 hour: $75
• 1-1/2 hour: $110
• 1/2 hour: $65
• 1 hour: $85
• 1-1/2 hour: $120


Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy that utilizes gentle pressure to manipulate the feet, hands or ears with the understanding that pressure applied to specific points can benefit other body systems. Reflexology aids in better digestion, helps with lower back pain, soothes arthritis or joint pain, calms the nervous system and stimulates the lymphatic system. Services held at the Wyckoff YMCA. By appointment only.

1/2 Hour Session:
Members- $45 / Non Members- $55
3-Pack of  1/2 Hour Sessions:
Members $115 / Non Members $140
1 Hour Session
Members- $65 / Non Members- $75
3-Pack of  1 Hour Sessions
Members $165 / Non Members $190
*It is recommended to do a minimum of 3 sessions to gain maximum benefit of this therapy

Teen Fitness Member

Full Member Teen Hours (Ages 13-16)
Welcome during all Fitness Operating Hours.

13-14year olds and above are welcome to all Group Exercise Classes with a parent.

Extreme Teen Members (Basic)
2:30-6pm Wednesday & Friday

Please note all new teen members MUST complete an orientation with a trainer before working out.