Programs & Services

The many and varied programs and services offered by the Wyckoff Y will keep the entire family busy from dawn to dusk.

Sports Leagues & Clinics

Session III & IV

NEW! Private Basketball Training
Available Upon Request with Y Team Coaches
Transform Your Game, Refine and Improve Technical Basketball Skills, and Pinpoint new techniques and drills personalized to the player’s needs.
30 min. Private: $40
60 min. Private: $65
60 min. Semi-Private
(2 children): $80


Competitive Sports, Leagues, Training, and Instruction at the Y teaches commitment, builds self-esteem, clarifies fair play, and promotes teamwork. Athletes begin to understand the value of exercise, pushing to bring out your best effort, and learn goal setting. Being a part of the Y’s team offers a sense of community where you learn resilience when the game isn’t going your way. Our coaches communicate, care, and encourage each individual on and off the field. We want you on our team!

Baseball Clinic: Gr. K – 2
Sess. IV: Sat. 10:30-11:15am

Basketball Clinic: Gr. 3 – 5
Sess. III/IV: Wed. 5:30-6:15pm

Basketball Clinic: Gr. 6 – 8
Sess. III/IV: Mon. 6-6:45pm

NFL Flag Football Clinic on the Turf: Gr. K – 3
Sess. IV: Sat. 9:30-10:15am

Volleyball Clinic: Gr. 3 – 6
Sess. III/IV: Thu. 4:15-5pm


Rotating Game Time Schedule provided for Leagues

Street Devils Floor Hockey Leagues: Gr. 1 – 3
Sess. II-III: Thu. 3:45-4:30pm (14 weeks)

Street Devils Floor Hockey Leagues: Gr. 4 – 6
Sess. III: Tue. 4pm
Equipment and program sponsored by the New Jersey Devils. This grassroots program has one goal: Bring the love of hockey to the community.

Flag Football Leagues: Gr. 1 – 2, Gr. 3 – 4, Gr. 5 – 6
Sess. IV: Mon. 3:45pm
NFL sponsored leagues where jerseys are supplied with official NFL team logos. Turn your passion into play and learn how to maneuver through a defense, run basic routes, and the proper method of taking a hand-off.

Indoor Soccer Leagues: Gr. 1 – 3
Sess II -Sess. III: Wed. 3:45pm (14 weeks)
Play pick up soccer with other soccer enthusiasts in a professional setting.