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The many and varied programs and services offered by the Wyckoff Y will keep the entire family busy from dawn to dusk.

Studio 691 School of Dance


Studio 691 School of Dance provides an environment where your child will thrive as a dancer and grow as a young individual with qualities including discipline, respect, responsibility, and grace. We commit to providing high level instruction at low prices all year long. The Y’s Performing Arts wing includes four dance studios where practice is perfected to perform on the Y’s in-house stage. We instill self-confidence and poise through performance.

…raising the “barre” by providing Dance with a Difference!

Studio 691 Dress Code & Rules
Studio 691 Schedule Session III & IV


Session III – IV

Ages 2 – 3 w/ Adult
Tue. 9:30-10:15am
Wed. 9:30-10:15am
Thu 9-9:45am

Age 3
Tue. 10:30-11:15am
Thu. 1-1:45pm
Sat. 9-9:45am

Age 4
Mon. 1-1:45pm
Wed. 2:45-3:30pm
Sat. 9:45-10:30am
Be creative through movement, music, and mime. Learn and practice basic ballet skills, terminology, rhythm, and coordination in a supportive and supervised environment.


Session III – IV

Wed. 5-5:45pm
Sat. 10:30-11:15am
Learn barre exercises, vocabulary, body alignment, rhythm, and level-appropriate movement for ballet, the foundation for all other dance styles.

Thu. 4-4:45pm
Move and groove as you learn jazz technique that employs many of the same concepts of ballet. Focus is on strength, technique, memorization, and terminology.

Mon. 4-4:45pm
Combine your technique with posture, rhythm, and motor skills while developing self confidence. Beginning tap concepts, patterns, and vocabulary are taught.


Session III – IV

Mon. 4-5pm
Develop the concepts of ballet including turn out, coordination, and spatial awareness with a specific focus on class etiquette.

Tue. 5-6pm
Enhance body positions, vocabulary, and stage performance in this class focused on introducing technique, coordination and flexibility.

Wed. 4-5pm
Great for developing gross motor skills, rhythm, and coordination; Tap I consists of warm-up exercises, across-the-floor combinations, and rhythmic phrases.

Thu. 6:15-7pm
Establish familiarity with the music while learning the fundamentals essential to traditional Irish Dance, including foot placement, body alignment, and basic steps.



Session III – IV

Mon. 6-7pm
Learn the fundamentals of hip hop movement. Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength, and funky footwork will all be incorporated to upbeat music.

Modern II
Mon. 5-6pm
Develop full body integration, with strength and dynamic quality for performance in a creative, energetic, and positive environment.

Tap II
Thu. 4-5pm
Explore coordination, time steps, beginning turns, short combinations, and showmanship along with rhythm and timing within a wide range of musical accompaniment.

Ballet II
Wed. 4-5pm
Learn proper placement, alignment, balance, technique, and control. Focus is on improving strength, and body positioning in barre and center work, as well as learning the vocabulary.

Acro Dance II
Fri. 4-4:45pm
Fundamental acrobatic techniques will increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline, and confidence.

Jazz II
Thu. 5-6pm
Understanding body awareness, opposition techniques, and pirouettes are an integral piece of this discipline. Complex movement patterns will challenge the dancer’s mind and body.

Irish Dance Beginner
Thu. 6:15-7pm

Irish Dance 2nd Year Beginner
Thu. 6:45-7:45pm
Establish familiarity with the music while learning the fundamentals essential to traditional Irish Dance, including foot placement, body alignment, and basic steps.

Studio 691 Junior Company

Tue. 4-5pm
Jr. company dancers are required to take ballet and jazz classes in grade-appropriate levels.


Session III – IV

Ballet III
Tue. 4-5pm, Wed. 5-6pm
Develop movement sequences, port de bras, and balance while learning proper extension of the legs and shape of feet. Increase core strength and flexibility.

Irish Dance Novice
Thu. 7:15-8:15pm

Irish Dance Junior
Thu. 7:30-8:30pm
Master traditional movement concentrating on technique, proficiency, speed, and carriage, with a focus on timing and listening skills.

Jazz III
Tue. 4-5pm

Jazz III Adv.
Mon. 6-7pm
Ballet III Required / Dir. Approval
Develop proper jazz technique through kicks, leaps, and multiple pirouettes. Precision style jazz is taught incorporating strong lines and quick, sharp movements.

Modern III
Thu. 5:45-6:45pm

Modern III Adv.
Tue. 5-6pm
Ballet III Required / Dir. Approval
Explore movement and understand the alignment of the body, the importance of technique, and quality of performance. Floorwork, partner work, and full body movement integration is incorporated.

Mon. 4-5pm

Tap III Adv.
Mon. 5-6pm
Instill a strong skillset by developing technique and sound clarity with an added focus on increasing speed. Personal responsibility in memorization of steps and using energy and enthusiasm is expected.

Wed. 6-6:45pm
Dir. Approval
Dancers must be 12 years of age and enrolled in two ballet classes per week.

Acro Dance III
Fri. 4:45-5:30pm
Acro increases strength, coordination, endurance, and self-discipline with attention on proper hand placement and body alignment.

Studio 691 Preparatory Company

Prep. Ballet: Fri. 5:30-6:30pm Prep. Rehearsal: Wed. 4-5pm
Prep. Company dancers are required to take two ballet classes (one must be Preparatory Ballet), one modern class, and one jazz class in grade-appropriate levels.


Session III – IV

Ballet IV
Tue. 5-6:15pm
Emphasis on multiple pirouettes, fluidity of movement, and the intricacies of small and large jumps which are essential in continuing to improve as a ballet dancer.

Tap IV
Gr. 8–9
Thu. 4-5pm

Tap V
Gr. 10–12
Wed. 5-6pm
Intricate rhythm patterns, sound clarity, and increased speed and vocabulary are the focus for continued progress.

Tue. 7:45-8:30pm & Wed. 8:15-9pm
Requires Director Approval: Dancers must be enrolled in two ballet classes per week.

Modern IV
Mon. 5-6pm
Build a technique balanced by correct alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination, and musicality. Express yourself through movement.

Acro Dance IV
Fri. 5:30-6:15pm
Focus is on proper hand placement and body alignment with emphasis on the muscles and flexibility required to perform proper technique.

Jazz IV
Gr. 8-9
Thu. 5-6pm

Jazz V
Gr. 10-12
Mon. 7-8pm
Take risks and explore unique choreographic style while refining technique. Emphasis on improved flexibility, warm-up, kicks, turns, jumps, and complex combinations.

Studio 691 Dance Company

Character, discipline, hard work, and technique are important attributes that Company Members possess. These dancers are challenged in their technique and pushed to the next level. A large commitment of time is required for this group. Master classes, trips, and performance opportunities are available. Director approval only. Contact:


Session III & IV


Adult Ballet
Thu. 7:45-8:45pm
Sess. III/IV

Adult Jazz
Tue. 6-7pm
Sess. III–IV

Adult Tap
Sess. III–IV
Beginner Tap:
Wed. 10:15-11:15am
Advanced Tap:
Wed. 11:15am-12:15pm
Advanced Tap:
Tue. 7-8pm
Tap Review:
Wed. 7-8pm

Musical Theatre Jazz
Thu. 6:45-7:45pm
Sess. III/IV

Wed. 6-7pm
Sess. III/IV