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The Y is Old Fashioned…When it Comes to Summer Fun!

Summers have changed since we were kids, haven’t they?  I remember they were much longer then!  We enjoyed lazy days of sleeping in, swimming, bike rides, trips “down the shore,” and playing with the neighborhood kids from dawn until dusk.

Fast forward to 2011–when many families have two working parents, a tight budget, and kids who are over-scheduled. Today’s society requires structure and organization rather than relaxation.  Our kids are getting up and out of the house at about the same time as they did when school was in session and attending an array of programs, sports, tutoring, and special activities throughout the day.  They rarely experience the freedom of a summer day with nothing to do! 

With that in mind, the focus of Camp Wydaca is to help create fond new memories for kids, which hearken back to the joys we experienced during our childhood summers…swims in the lake, tie-dying t-shirts, relay races, treats from the ice cream truck, a special day trip, wonderful friends, and the guidance and mentorship of beloved camp counselors.  The Wyckoff Family Y takes pride in not only providing quality care for children, but also in empowering each and every camper to develop in spirit, mind, and body while enjoying an “old fashioned” summer! 

There is nothing like summer camp at the Wyckoff Y—over 1500 kids will tell you so!  Registration is still open and camp runs through August 26.  Please join us!


Joyce K. Vottero
Executive Director