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Head for the Hills: Spring Hikes with the Y

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”
–Henry David Thoreau

Bridge at Ramapo Reservation

Experiencing gym fatigue? Need a change of scenery? Step off the treadmill for a day and go on fun, challenging hike with the fitness department this spring!

Research shows that going out for a walk in nature is not only a great workout, but can also improve your mental well-being. Just one hour of hiking can burn over 500 calories, and breathing fresh air can actually increase your energy levels! Hiking on natural, soft trails rather than pavement is also a great way to get joint-friendly workout. The long, steady-state cardio afforded by hiking can also lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

One study even suggests hiking contributes to improved mental and emotional health. Researchers compared the benefits of hiking a trail through the woods to walking in an indoor shopping center. They found that the hikers reported themselves to have improved moods, increased self-esteem and decreased depression, while indoor walkers ended in the opposite condition!

So get out and get some fresh spring air! You be happier, healthier, and come back feeling full of spring vigor.

The dates for our hikes are Tuesday April 26th, Tuesday May 17th, and Tuesday June 14th. We will meet at Ramapo Reservation at 9:45am. Bring a snack and water. Open to all levels! Sign up in the fitness department.