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Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours! On Thanksgiving, we reflect that true wealth does not come from our possessions, but the measure of the love we give and receive. “Thanks giving” is an action. It means not just saying how thankful we are, but sharing what we have to make someone else’s life a little fuller. We should take the opportunity to focus on the things we have in this moment, and let go of the things we want or think we should have. Suddenly, what we have becomes enough. From the small and mundane to the extraordinary, remember that what we sometimes take for granted is often vitally important to others.

We remember to say thanks for possessions like food and shelter, and are quick to give donations to food banks and winter coat drives for those who are struggling. But what about other things like family and good health, and being shown kindness, love and respect? Things that so many still do not have or receive. This year, give as much kindness as canned goods, as much warmth and acceptance as coats. Be a friend to someone who feels alone, a voice for someone who has none. Put your thanks to action: give others the same caring and value you wish to receive.

So we ask, what are you thankful for, and how can you share that with others? Wishing you a holiday filled with joy, love and happiness.