Aquatics FAQ

What is the Wyckoff YMCA Swim Academy?

The Swim Academy is our Instructional Swim Program!

Why should my child swim at the Wyckoff YMCA?

Our instructors are trained in the latest YMCA Swim Lesson curriculum, which was originally created in 1906. Since then, numerous revisions have been made to create the program we teach today. The most recent update to these lessons has included a major overhaul to focus on Aquatic Safety. We believe everyone should learn to swim!

What is a swim session?

During the school year, our program is made up of four 8-week (8-classes) sessions. In the summer, we run four 2-week (8-classes) sessions.

How long are the lessons?

Depending on your child’s swim level, classes range from 30 minutes up to 60 minutes in length.

Do I need a membership to take swim lessons?

Yes, all participants must have an active membership in order to participate in swim lessons. We offer everything from annual Program Memberships to Full Family Memberships here.

When/How do I register for swim lessons?

Registration generally opens in June for our Fall/Winter classes and in December for our Winter/Spring classes. The most current registration and session dates can be found here.

Do you offer make-ups?

Yes! Each session we allow for one make-up for each swimmer. They must be scheduled with the Aquatics Department.

Group class swimmers can attend their same level class on another day and time. The make-up must occur during that current session.

Private lesson swimmers will be contacted by the Aquatics staff to coordinate their make-up during a make-up or break week.

How do I know what class my child should be in?

A swim evaluation is required for any swimmer joining our swim program. We offer open evaluations every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 12:45pm. No appointment is necessary. We will also advertise additional evaluation opportunities when available.

How does my child progress to the next level?

Towards the end of the session our staff will evaluate every swimmer in our program. We will provide you with a Certificate of Achievement where you will see the skills that your child has mastered, any skills they are still improving on, and our recommendation for their next swim class.

Can I request an instructor?

You may request an instructor, though we cannot ensure we will be able to match everyone with their requests.

What do I need for swim lessons?

Each swimmer should have on proper swim attire. A bathing suit and goggles are important for learning to swim. Swimmers should also bring their own towel. Those swimmers with chin-length hair or longer must wear a swim cap.

Do you have locker rooms?

Yes! We have locker rooms connected to the New Pool for use. There is a Family Locker room for parents to help children in, as well as a boys and girls locker room for children to use. Adults may not change in the boys or girls locker rooms.

What is the swimmer to instructor ratio in your classes?

The ratio does depend on the class. Our classes begin at a 4:1 ratio for our beginner level classes and move up as the skill level increases. Our ratios are equal to or better than the YMCA swim lesson standard.

How do I create a semi-private lesson?

To have a semi-private lesson, you must first sign up for a private lesson. Then, our staff can add in the additional swimmer. The Aquatics Department does not match up semi-private swimmers.

For more questions, contact our Aquatics Director: Bryan McDonnell

201-891-2081 x 130