Camper FAQs

How do I register for Summer Camp?

New this Year! Summer Camp registration is online and in-house. You can reserve a space for your camper by registering online or by completing and handing in your camp paperwork at the Front Desk. Please Note: Online Registrations are prioritized over in-house registrations. 

What does my child need to bring/wear to Camp?

Please send child to Camp each day sunblocked, wearing bathing suit, and sneakers. Child's backpack should have towel, extra sunblock, water bottle, extra change of clothes, and lunch - all labeled with their name.  

When does my child need to wear his / her Camp T-Shirt?

Your child must wear our brightly colored camp t-shirt on ALL field trip days as the shirts help us easily and quickly identify and keep track of our campers. Each camper is provided with one camp t-shirt. Extra t-shirts may be purchased from the  YMCA front desk for an additional cost.

When does my child go on field trips?

Trip Schedule for all camps will be announced by Mid-April 2020.  

What will my child be doing at summer camp this week?

Parents will receive an email from their child’s camp director the Friday/Monday before the camp week begins. This email will provide information that pertains to the upcoming week’s events. Parents can also view a general daily schedule and a trip calendar for camps at our Camp Wydaca Home Page.

Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

Please refer to the Drop Off, Pick Up, and our NEW Traffic Pattern Section in the Parent Handbook.  

Do I need to send lunch for my child every day?

Please send a lunch for your child Monday through Thursday unless you would like to participate in our Lunch Program. We provide a FREE lunch to all campers on Friday, Contact for more lunch information.

Can you apply sunscreen for my child?

Campers spend most of the day outdoors; sunscreen protection of SPF 15 or higher is highly recommended. Please be sure sunscreen has been applied to your child BEFORE they arrive for the day. Counselors will re-apply the sunscreen throughout the day. Please label your child’s sunscreen.


Will my child be required to wear a mask outdoors? The guidelines do not require campers to wear masks outdoors. At this time Campers are required to wear masks indoors. We ask families to pack a mask in a labeled ziploc the same way you would pack a towel, sunscreen, water or change of clothes in the event we needed to move indoors. At this time, it is uncertain whether counselors are required to wear masks.


Pods/Households - How will my children be grouped? The objective is to group campers with the same counselors and campers for the duration of the camp day, whenever feasible. Traditional Camp is primarily grouped by the number of weeks campers attend. Specialty camps, which may change more often, are grouped minimally by week. We are able to approve friend requests (up to 3) as long as they are registered for the same number of weeks.

Rainy Day: What will you do on rainy days?

Rainy Day Policy: Due to the new guidelines established by Gov. Murphy, camp activities this summer are to be held mainly outdoors. As a result, we will be canceling camp on total “wash out” rainy days. That decision will be made by 6am and posted on the YMCA Camp Homepage. In the event of thunder or lightning or a passing shower, we will go to a Shelter in Place Policy. This would give each group an assigned room for the required period. In the event of a storm during the camp day (more than a passing shower and for more than a two hour period), we would implement our Shelter in Place Policy and call for an early dismissal additionally.

Swim: Will my children be swimming each day?

Yes, campers will swim each day. Swimming as an activity has always been a cornerstone of Camp Wydaca. In order to streamline the activities for campers, there will be opportunities for both Instructional and Free Swim periods. And new this year, we have access to the full lake for a majority of the day. We are so fortunate to have three bodies of water in order to provide Instructional Swim and Free Swim for our campers...the beautiful Spring Lake and the two Indoor Pools.

Specialty Camps: Will Specialty camps still run ?

As per new state guidelines, and mentioned above, most camp programs are encouraged to be outdoors. Therefore, we have decided to base all Specialty Camps outside as a home base. Program Specialists are working overtime to update curriculum and lesson plans in order to operate from outdoors. Per Gov. Murphy’s Executive Order, Sports Specialty Camps will operate primarily as a “Skills and Drills” Program.

Before/Aftercare: How will before care and after care operate?

Due to the mandated limitations regarding the consistency of group members, we are unable to offer Beforecare in its traditional setting. However, the Drop Off Process will begin earlier, at 8am, at no charge. In order to accommodate the need for an Aftercare Program, we are able to provide “after hours” care until 5pm, with a rate adjustment to reflect that time period.