Parent Handbook


Typical Camp Day

Camp Wydaca offers a wide variety of activities to meet the needs of every camper. Traditional Camp consists of days filled with; Instructional Swim, Free Swim, Sports, Art and STEM, Activity Time and lunch. Specialty Camps consist of concentrated time of chosen specialty, Instructional Swim, Free Swim and lunch. 

So whether your child is looking for a Traditional Camp experience or a more specialized approach, Camp Wydaca is a nurturing environment where all campers are encouraged to explore their interests and grow in an age appropriate setting.

Camp Includes:

  • Instructional Swim
  • Free Swim
  • Sports and Games
  • Art and STEM
  • Teen Choice Time
  • Fun Fridays
  • Friday Lunch
  • Special Event Days
  • Trips
  • Camp Wydaca T-shirt
  • New friendships and lots of fun!

Parent Communication:

Camp Director and Grade Directors are available to parents via camp cell phones during the camp day. A Camp Staff Directory will be available on line and also included in our Weekly Camp Newsletter. Please be sure we have an accurate email on file to ensure you get all correspondence.

Want More Info?

We will have a Q & A Session on the 1st Monday of each Camp Session at 9:30 AM at the Lakeside Picnic Area.

Health and Medical Information:

Health cards must be completed on than 3 weeks prior to your child’s start of camp. Your child’s immunization and most recent physical can be directly to the website. No child will be permitted to attend camp without a completed health card. No exceptions will be made.

If your child requires medication administered during the camp day, a medical release form here must be filled out and submitted to the camp nurse.

If your child has medication for an allergy or asthma, the medication(s) must be accompanied by an allergy plan and/or asthma action plan as appropriate. These forms can be found on our website.

All medication that is to be administered must be sent in the original container with current prescription label.

Please make sure that all medication is submitted to the camp nurse or the front desk staff. Please do not leave medication in your child’s backpack.

Injury Policy:

In the event of an injury, the child will be assessed and First Aid will be initiated as needed.  Notification will occur within 1 hour for injuries occurring to the neck or above.

The Direcor will notify in writing the State of New Jersey Department of Health an injury or illness occurs while under the center’s supervision that results in: a child visiting the emergency room or being admitted to the hospital; a call to 911; on-site medical care or transported emergency care or urgent care at the conclusion of the camp season.

Parent or guardian will be contacted for any injury that requires nurse attention beyond mild abrasion.

Camp Wydaca Health Care Policy:

The Wyckoff Family YMCA strives to promote optimal health conditions for all children. In order to safeguard children enrolled in Camp Wydaca, the following policies must be adhered to. Please keep a child home if he/she has:

  • Temperature of over 100 degrees
  • Conjunctivitis or “pink-eye”
  • Bronchitis
  • Unidentified/undiagnosed rashes
  • Impetigo
  • Diarrhea characterized as twice usual frequency within 24 hour period
  • Vomiting
  • Swollen joints
  • Blood in urine
  • Severe cold with fever, sneezing, and nasal drainage
  • A contagious disease or condition such as: measles, chickenpox, mumps, roseola, head lice
  • Ear or throat infection

If your child becomes ill during the day, he/she will be separated from the group until a parent or authorized person is able to pick up. An ill child needs to be picked up immediately. If your child is sick in the morning, please keep him/her home. If your child is sent home ill, keep him/her home until the child is fever and symptom-free for at least 24 hours with out the use of fever reducing medication.

In the case of a chronic health condition, communication between the Camp Director, Camp Nurse and licensed physician is necessary in order to establish a medical care plan.

Registration and Payments:

All camp balances must be paid prior to the start of camp.

For questions regarding registration or payments, please contact Business Office at 201.891.2081 ext. 106.

If you would like to register for additional sessions or need to make any change please contact the business office.

Before Camp Care and After Camp Care:

Before Camp Care is available from 7:30 – 9:00am.

After Camp Care is available from 4:00 – 6:00pm.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

Camp Wydaca is a safe haven for all children and embodies the four core values of Caring, Respect, Honesty and Responsibility. Please be advised, Camp Wydaca maintains a “zero tolerance” policy for any form of physical or emotional bullying. Any child involved in bullying or inappropriate behavior will be immediately dismissed from the camp.

Discipline Policy:

The staff of the Wyckoff Family YMCA will express rules and expectations in a positive manner. Children are expected to follow the directions of staff members, treat one another with respect, treat staff members with respect, stay with their groups, respect the property of others and the camp facility, and follow all safety rules at camp and on trips. Absolutely NO violence will be tolerated at camp. Profanity and threats are unacceptable.

Children who choose not to follow directions will be reminded in a positive way, redirected and encouraged to cooperate. The counselor may assign a brief “break” period for the child (several minutes of sitting quietly near the group to regain self-control before returning to the group’s activity). A child who continues to be uncooperative will be brought to the attention of the Grade Director who will determine an appropriate course of action.

Cell Phone Policy:

In an effort to provide all campers with a positive camp experience, Camp Wydaca has implemented a “no cell phone” policy for all campers and counselors. We understand that parents may have a need to contact their children during camp hours. Therefore, on the first day of each session, parents will be provided with contact information for their child’s Grade Director.

Photo Policy:

Camp Wydaca reserves the right to take pictures of our campers during daily activities and special events. These pictures would only be used for “in house” purposes, i.e.: slide shows, YMCA bulletin boards and parent handouts. In the event, the YMCA would like to use any of the above photographs for publicity, public relations or the YMCA website; we would contact the parent/guardian to ask for additional parent consent.

Nut Policy:

Camp Wydaca strives to be a “Nut Free” camp and encourages all parents to refrain from sending their camper with any nut products especially on Trips.

Camp Wydaca will not purchase, serve or sell any products that contain nuts.

As an extra safety precaution, we will designate a “Nut” table in each of the lunch groves to help contain nut allergen's.

Please note, the YMCA indoor facility is NUT FREE and therefore Full Day and Half Day Wee’s MAY NOT bring nut products to camp.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping all our campers safe and healthy.

Valuables and Money:

The camp staff is not responsible for camper’s valuables.

Please do not send valuables to camp (i.e., a cherished toy, Phones, Game Boy(s), iPod, video game system, jewelry, etc.). Please be sure to check your child’s belongings before leaving the camp grounds. The YMCA is not responsible for lost items.

Please label your child’s belongings including his or her lunch box, clothing, backpack, and towel.

As a courtesy, articles found on the grounds will be held for the duration of each session only. If your child loses an item, please check the Lost and Found Container located in the front corral.

Restricted Items:

For the safety and well-being of all campers and staff, campers should never have in their possession: 

Prescription or recreational drugs

Alcohol or tobacco

Weapons of any kind including pocket knives


Possession of any of the above items are immediate grounds for dismissal from camp.

Drop Off, Pick Up, and our NEW Traffic Pattern:

We have THREE Camp Corrals:

The Main Corral 

Traditional Gr. 1 & 2 and Specialty Camps Gr. 1 & 2 

The Upper Corral 

Kindergarten, Good to Go, Teen Scene

The NEW Corral at the TURF FIELD 

Traditional Gr. 3 - 5, Specialty Gr. 3 - 5 

The Main & Upper Corral Drop Off Route:

Please enter the parking lot via Wyckoff Ave Only

Proceed to the designated Corral - There will be signs and staff to assist you

Please stay in your car - Counselors will meet Campers at the car and escort them to their Camp Groups

Exit via Spring Meadow Drive


The NEW Corral Drop Off Route (Turf behind the Y):

Please enter on Charles Avenue-(Right off of West Main Street)

Proceed to the Turf Lot - There will be signs and staff to assist you

Please stay in your car - Counselors will meet Campers at the car and escort them to their Camp Groups.

Exit via Charles Avenue


Multiple Children in 2 Corrals:

If you have a Child in the Main and Upper Corral 

Please drop off at the Main Corral First 

Then the Upper Corral - There will be signs and staff to assist you.

Please stay in your car - Counselors will meet Campers at the car and escort them to their camp groups 

To exit via Spring Meadow Drive 


If you have a Child in EITHER the Main or the Upper Corral AND Turf Corral 

Please drop off at the Main/Upper Corral First 

Then make left onto Spring Meadow Drive 

Proceed to Turf Field Corral - There will be signs and staff to assist you

Please stay in your car - Counselors will meet Campers at the car and escort them to their Camp Groups

Exit via Charles Avenue


Multiple Children in all 3 Corrals:

Please drop off at the Main Corral First 

Then proceed to drop off at the Upper Corral 

Then make left onto Spring Meadow Drive 

Proceed to the Turf Field - There will be signs and staff to assist you

Please stay in your car - Counselors will meet Campers at the car and escort them to their Camp Groups

Exit via Charles Avenue


Parents who wish to speak with staff members must park their vehicles as not to impeed traffic flow. 


In an effort to improve traffic flow... Please adhere to the following Drop Off & Pick Up Schedule:

Drop Off Between:

8:25 – 8:45am • A-L (Campers Last Name Begins With) 

8:45 – 9:05am • M-Z (Campers Last Name Begins With)

No child can be dropped off in corral prior to 8:25am.

Pick Up Between:

3:25 – 3:45pm • A-L (Campers Last Name Begins With)

3:45 – 4:05pm • M-Z (Campers Last Name Begins With)

No cars will be permitted on Y property for pickup prior to 3:25pm.

We appreciate your continued cooperation and look forward to a more efficient drop off and pick up process. Speed limit is 5 miles per hour on the YMCA property. It is strictly enforced.



Rainy Day Policy:

In the event of inclement weather, camper drop off and/or pick up for Traditional and Specialty Campers will be in the Upper Corral. Senior Staff will be outside to direct traffic. Counselors will receive campers and bring them indoors.

Camper Identification Cards:

Please be sure to pick up Camper Identification Card. Please see below:

Campers with Last Names begin A-L will have Yellow Identification Cards.
Campers with Last Names begin M-Z will have Green Identification Cards.

Please complete these cards and display them in the front windshield of your car. This will help to facilitate drop-offs and pick-ups. These identification cards are required in order to pick up your child.

Your child will be released only to those people indicated on the Pick-up Authorization Form. Must be 18 years or older. 

In the event that no authorized adult is able to pick up your child, please notify the YMCA in writing prior to the start of pick-up time. State the name and phone number of the individual who will be picking up. This note must be signed by an authorized parent or guardian.

In case of emergency, a release may be faxed (201-891-3519) to the Wyckoff Family YMCA. A parent’s signature must be included on faxed release.

Please be aware that the YMCA staff has been instructed to ask for identification from any person, including individuals who are authorized to pick-up. The staff will not release any camper to an individual who does not have proper identification. Please fill out the identification card completely and accurately. Please make note of the particular camp group or specialty camp your child is participating in each session. This will expedite the pick-up procedure.

Early Pick-ups:

  • All early pick-ups must occur before 2:30 PM.
  • Please call ahead so that your camper is ready for early dismissal. Camper should be picked up at the lower level reception area to be signed out.
  • Individuals who are picking up early must have a Camper Identification Card with them and present it to the Desk staff.
  • We cannot accommodate early pick-ups between the hours of 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM.
  • On trip days, we will not be able to accommodate any early pick-up requests.

Late Arrivals:

  • If your child arrives at camp after 9:30 AM, please sign him or her in at the lower level reception area.
  • We cannot accommodate late arrivals on trip days. No care is available for Campers who arrive after bus departure.

Late Pick-ups:

All campers who are in need of Aftercare must be pre-registered at the Front Desk.

Any camper not registered for Aftercare and not picked up by 4:05pm may be charged a $25.00 late fee.

Any camper who is registered for Aftercare, and is picked up after 6:00pm may be charged a $25.00 late fee.

Camp Wydaca Tips and Advice:

Please send your camper in his/her bathing suit.

Campers spend most of the day outdoors; sunscreen protection of SPF 15 or higher is highly recommended. Please be sure sunscreen has been applied to your child BEFORE they arrive for the day. Counselors will re-apply the sunscreen throughout the day. Please label your child’s sunscreen.

Campers should bring a water bottle to camp each day. Please label your child’s water bottle. There will be water stations set up all around the YMCA campus so that your child may continually fill his or her water bottle.

Please send your child with a towel and backpack each day.

Campers who are not participating in the camp lunch program should bring a bag lunch, snack and drinks. Please send only non-perishable foods in non glass containers. Special provisions can be made if refrigeration is required. A freezer pack or frozen juice box helps to keep lunches cool. Please label your child’s brown bag or lunch box.

Campers may purchase snacks from YMCA concession stand. Small bills and change are appreciated. The counselors cannot be responsible for camper’s money. Snack list is available on line.

Two swims are scheduled each day.

Please evaluate the weather conditions each morning. During cooler weather, please send a sweatshirt or jacket in your child’s backpack. 

Sneakers and socks should be worn each camp day. Flip-flops and sandals are not permitted to be worn to camp but may be in backpack to wear to lake. Campers who are wearing flip-flops or sandals will not be permitted to participate in some activities including sports.

Please label EVERYTHING.


All campers will be evaluated on the first Monday of each session and placed in a swim level according to ability.

Campers will have Instructional Swim Monday thru Thursday at Spring Lake. All lessons will be delivered by YMCA trained water instructors.

Swim evaluations will be sent home with your camper at the end of each session.

Please note all camp counselors will encourage each camper to participate in all swim activities.

All campers have Free Swim Monday thru Friday. On Fun Fridays, campers get morning and afternoon free swim in lieu of instructional swim.

Campers will swim in Spring Lake in designated areas according to swim ability.

In order to swim in the deep water, campers level 4 and up must pass a deep water test administered by the waterfront staff.

Buddy Checks will be called every 10 minutes during Free Swim.

Off-Site Trips:

Please complete the appropriate permission slip for your child on  

If a child does not have permission to attend a trip, alternative care is not provided at the YMCA.

Campers will not be permitted to attend any off-site trips without completed permission form.

Please pack your child with a disposable bag lunch unless your child participates in our lunch program. Children who participate in our lunch program will receive either a Turkey sandwich, Italian sub or bagel bag.

Campers must wear Camp Shirts on ALL Trips. The Wyckoff YMCA reserves the right to cancel a trip based on the discretion of the Directors. In the event that a trip is cancelled, the Director may substitute a trip to a Movie Theater to see a G or PG rated movie. The permission form details additional information regarding the alternate trip.

Camp Shirts:

All campers will be issued a Camp Wydaca T-Shirt

Camp shirts are required to be worn on all trip days.

If a camper arrives on a trip day without a Camp Wydaca T-Shirt, an additional camp shirt will be provided. A $10.00 fee will be assessed.

Fun Fridays:

Each Friday, campers enjoy an All Camp Lunch provided by Camp Wydaca. Please see menu below. If your child does not prefer the items on the menu for that day, please send your child with an alternate lunch.


Fun Friday Menu will be announced in 2019. 





Online Pre-Order Program

The Wyckoff Y's Camp Wydaca offers a NEW innovative online program called - intended to approve and simplify our lunch ordering process. The service will enable you to pre-order and pay for your child's (children's) lunches online. Lunch will cost $25.00 per week (Monday through Thursday). Lunch orders need to be submitted the Friday prior to each week. 

The first menu period will be for the week of June 18th. You will be able to place and pay for orders, review selections, and view past history once you enroll online. 

The system will accept deposits and payments through ACH (checking or savings) or Credit Card payments. To enroll and make menu selections, go to You will receive an email reminding you to play your order when menu selections are available. Please note: there will be a per transaction conveinence fee of $2.00 for checking/savings and $4 for credit/debit at check out. These convenience fees are only associated to financial deposits. To avoid transaction fees, you may deposit enough money to cover your child's entire stay at camp.

Instructions for the Camp Wydaca Lunches 2018 On-Line Pre-Order Process:

Returning Users: For 2018, all returning Camp Wydaca campers MUST register as a New User as our online lunch program, My School Account, is NEW!

New Users: Go to to set up an account. 

To Place Lunch Order: Log onto your account. Please review your orders before you submit them. Once submitted, orders cannot be changed. 

QUESTIONS? Contact: Robin Byrne at [email protected] or call 201.891.2081 ext. 129.

Weekly Lunch Menu:





  • Chicken Tenders
Ham/Cheeseburger Pizza Squares Hot Dog
  • Chicken Breast Wrap (Ranch or Buffalo)
Chicken Breast Wrap (Ranch or Buffalo) Chicken Breast Wrap (Ranch or Buffalo) Chicken Breast Wrap (Ranch or Buffalo)
  • Roast Turkey Wrap
Roast Turkey Wrap Roast Turkey Wrap Roast Turkey Wrap
  • Italian Hero
Chicken Nuggets Italian Hero Chicken Nuggets
  • Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese Grilled Cheese Grilled Cheese
  • Bagel Bag
Bagel Bag Bagel Bag Bagel Bag
  • Grilled Chicken Breast Strips with BBQ sauce
Grilled Chicken Breast Strips with BBQ sauce Grilled Chicken Breast Strips with BBQ sauce Grilled Chicken Breast Strips with BBQ sauce



Camp Director: Chris Pillari

[email protected]

Camp Kinder Directors: Kindergarten - Jess Volin and Amanda May

[email protected] / [email protected]

Camp Youngster Directors: Gr. 1 - 2

Tiffany Rolsing and Lulu Mark - Grade 1

[email protected] / [email protected]

Kelly Grube and Trisha Gregory - Grade 2

[email protected]  / [email protected]

Camp Juniors Directors: Gr. 3 - 5

Sue Kanning and Tal Jones

[email protected] / [email protected]

Teen Camp Directors: Teens

Sarah DeLorenzo and Amanda Bartoloma

[email protected] / [email protected]

Sports Specialty Director: Pat O’Hagan

[email protected]

Programs Specialty Director: Sharon Twiddy

[email protected]

Performing Arts Speciality Directors: Laura Toth and Tim Santos

[email protected]  /  [email protected]

New Registration & Schedule Changes: Linda Beach

[email protected]

Camp Lunch: Robin Byrne

[email protected]

Camp Nurses: Judy Daly and Meg Magerko

[email protected]  / [email protected]