Childcare & Camp

The YMCA organization is the largest provider of child care in the world. The Wyckoff Y offers care for children from infants through school-age. Our summer camp program emphasizes learning, exploration, fitness, and fun!

Camp Juniors Grades 3 – 5

Camp Wydaca GRADES 3 – 5

All Sessions / All Weeks
Ideal for the campers who are journeying through Elementary School, and preparing for Middle School. CAMP JUNIORS are challenged with more advanced Art projects and Science experiments, as well as music, dance, swim, and sports. Community service outreach is planned as part of the curriculum, stressing the importance of their role in the Community, as well as visits from those in our neighborhood who keep us safe. Juniors will “Travel through Time…Celebrating 75 Years” as they talk, play, and participate in activities and travel on their own day trips.

Full Member: $715 per session / 357.50 per week (unless otherwise noted)
Program/Non Members: $765 per session / $382.50 per week (unless otherwise noted)

It is highly recommended that campers are registered by Session in order to take advantage of the full camp experience.

Performing Arts Camp

Advanced Dance Camp (Gr. 4-8)

Director Approval Only
Finale Week 10
Advanced Dance Camp is for serious dancers who want to improve their technique, strength, and coordination. The schedule includes classes in ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, and tap. This camp will give dancers a jump start in their classes in September. No swimming. Contact:

Backstage Crew (Gr. 4 – 8)

Session 4 / Weeks 8 & 9
It’s your turn to be the production manager and bring the story to life! Create and complete set design, costumes, lighting, and sound for our Conservatory of Dance and Theatre Production.

Costume Shop

Session 4 / Weeks 8 & 9

Dance Camp Jazz Tap

Session 1 & 2 / Weeks 2, 3, 4 & 5


Session 1 / Weeks 2 & 3
Stretch your limits to develop skills, technique, and self-confidence in a positive environment. Learn tumbling routines, vaulting, beam, and bars while also being encouraged to reach your full potential. Campers participate in an end of session gymnastics Presentation.

Lion King Jr.

4 Weeks (July 23 – Aug 17)
This four-week dance and theatre camp offers the unique opportunity for performers to challenge themselves in the area of performing arts. Whether you like to sing, dance, or act; this is the place to nurture those talents. Daily schedule will include core classes, lunch, and rehearsal for the end of session performance. Limited recreation time includes swim and improvisation games. Auditions will be held the first day of camp.

Sing Dance Disney

Session 3 / Weeks 6 & 7

Willy Wonka Kids

3 Weeks (June 25 – July 13)

Program Specialty Camps

Camp Masterpiece

Session 3 / Weeks 6 & 7
Explore your interest in fine arts! Learn to express yourself through various media including acrylics, oils, pastels, and a variety of professional drawing techniques. Projects will be displayed in the end of session Art Show.


Session 4 / Weeks 8 & 9
You’ll “flip” for our cheerleading camp! Experienced high school and college cheerleaders will share their passion and all the latest moves. Campers get the opportunity to cheer for the basketball players at an end of session show/game!


Session 2 & 4 / Weeks 4, 5, 8 & 9
Build on essential kitchen skills and master the fundamentals of cooking to prepare meals from start to finish along with appetizers and desserts. Expand your culinary repertoire and enjoy the “fruits” of your labor.

It’s Sew Fun

Session 2 / Weeks 4 & 5
Do you like to sew or want to learn how? Campers will make a lap/ bed quilt approx. 45” x 60”. Select colors and fabrics, arrange the squares, and stitch them together. After stitching, use batting and backing to assemble the quilt. Sweet dreams are sure to follow!
Full Members: $795 per Session / $397.50 per Week
Program/Non Members: $845 per Session / $422.50 per Week

Rugged Rangers

Session 4 / Weeks 8 & 9
For kids who love adventure…a rugged but exciting camp experience. Learn basic survival skills such as pitching a tent, first aid, hiking, and rock climbing.

The Scientists

Session 3 / Weeks 6 & 7
Join us for interactive experiments, guided discovery, exploration, and science games each day! Enter our lab and make your own bouncy balls, lava lamps, and slime. Growing gummy bears, constructing catapults, and creating elephant toothpaste will promote mental stimulation and keep their brains sharp.

Watercolor Art

Session 2 / Weeks 4 & 5
Campers choose from over dozens of pictures that are ready to ink, color, and paint using a combination of watercolor pencils, pastels, and brush markers. Have fun while learning basic skills to further develop talent and creativity. Take home framed artwork!

Sports Specialty Camps


Session 1 / Weeks 2 & 3
Train in the fundamentals of baseball including the mechanics of throwing, fielding, catching, and hitting. This camp will be taught by some of the best coaches and players in the area.


Session 2 & 4 / Weeks 4, 5, 8 & 9
Lace up the high-tops and learn basketball where it was invented… the YMCA! Individualized instruction helps to develop dribbling, passing, and shooting skills with an emphasis on team play. Campers participate in an end of session Basketball Game.

Competitive Swim

Session 2 / Weeks 4 & 5
Designed for the developing swimmer and the seasoned competitor. Swimmers will be grouped according to age, skill level, and fitness. Daily workouts in the pool and lake will be complemented by training videos, games, and camp activities.

Flag Football

Session 3 / Weeks 6 & 7
Learn the fundamentals of throwing and catching, as well as running and maneuvering through a defense. Proper method for taking a hand-off and how to run basic pass routes are covered.

Floor Hockey

Session 1 & 3 / Weeks 2, 3, 6 & 7
Grab a stick and take the “faceoff” to the fast, exciting game of hockey with an emphasis on skill development. Focus is on stick handling, passing, and shooting for gameplay. Be fast on your feet and ready to score in this action-packed camp.


Session 1 & 4 / Weeks 2, 3, 8 & 9
Learn the lifelong sport of golf with TGA (Total Golf Adventures) right here at Camp Wydaca! Developed by certified PGA professionals, TGA provides all the equipment and instructors to ensure a great experience for young golfers.
Full Members: $795 per Session / $397.50 per Week
Program/Non Members: $845 per Session / $422.50 per Week


Boys – Session 2 / Weeks 4 & 5
Girls – Session 3 / Weeks 6 & 7
Build solid foundational skills and proper technique: throwing, catching, cradling, shooting, defense, checks, and positioning. This instructional program will also build game experience.

Martial Arts

Session 1 & 3 / Weeks 2, 3, 6 & 7
Focus on the importance of self-defense, leadership, self-control, and character development. Learn a combination of punches, strikes, kicks, and self-defense skills both while on your feet and on the ground.


Boys – Session 4 / Weeks 8 & 9
Girls – Session  2 / Weeks 4 & 5
Cover all aspects of the game through drills, skills, and gameplay. Practice passing, dribbling, receiving, shooting, and so much more. This camp will challenge every level of player and bring out their personal best.

Sports & Games

Session 4 / Weeks 8 & 9
Participate in a variety of team sports: football, baseball, kickball, basketball, etc., with an emphasis on engaging and exciting gameplay!

Add on Tennis (Gr. 1-5)

Session 1 – 5
Extended day with a 5:15pm pick up.
Right after Camp, enjoy a 90-minute tennis lesson at the Franklin Lakes Racquet Club (round trip transportation provided). Players are grouped according to ability to ensure a high level of achievement.
$250 per Session / $125 per Week