Biting Policy

  1. Children will be involved in active, organized, and supervised activities during which positive behaviors will be praised.

  2. If a staff member observes a biting incident, the “bitten” child will be attended to and comforted immediately.

  3. The area of the bite will be gently cleansed with soap and water, and ice will be applied if necessary.

  4. The parent or guardian of the child who was bitten will be called or notified upon pick up. They will be asked to sign an Accident Report. (The “biter” will not be identified.)

  5. The child who did the biting will be moved to a different area of the room and a staff member will help the child understand that the behavior is not acceptable. The child will be redirected to an appropriate activity.

  6. The biting incident will be documented. The report will be given to the “biter’s” Parent as well as placed in their file.

  7. The incident will be discussed with the Parent of the “biter” and we will work with them to identify possible biting causes and discuss strategies to help change the behavior. The child will be monitored closely by Staff, making sure he/she is busy with activities and materials during the school day.

  8. After all preventative steps have been taken by the Staff Members, and if the child continues to bite, the Director will call the Parent to pick up the child for the remainder of the day. Chronic biting may require that a child be suspended from enrollment for a period of time (days, weeks, etc.). If a child is suspended, the parent should be informed that the child may return to the center as soon as the biting is abated.

  9. If the child returns to the center, continues to bite, and is endangering the other children, the child may possibly be terminated from the program.