Discipline Policy

The Wyckoff Family YMCA believes that disciplining a child must be positive, conducted in a compassionate manner, be consistent with the age and developmental needs of the child and lead to the child’s ability to develop and maintain self-control.

Staff members are trained in the following procedures:

1. When a child exhibits behavior that is unacceptable and/or inappropriate, the staff member will remove the child from the situation and discuss the behavior with him/her.

2. The child will always be spoken to in a calm manner regarding what has transpired and will be redirected to a different activity.

3. If the behavior continues, the staff member may choose to remove the child from the activity for a short period of time until the child can regain self-control. The child will be redirected to another activity.

4. A supervised time-out period may be used (no longer than one minute per age of child).

5. The staff members shall not:

  • Discipline a child for failing to eat or sleep or for soiling themselves;
  • Hit, shake or use any other form of corporal punishment.
  • Use abusive language, ridicule, harsh, humiliating or frightening treatment or any other form of emotional punishment of children.
  • Engage in or inflict any form of child abuse and/or neglect.
  • Withhold food, emotional responses, stimulation or opportunities for rest or sleep.
  • Withhold active play time as a means of discipline unless the child’s actions or behavior present a danger to themselves or others.
  • Require a child to remain silent or inactive for an inappropriately long period of time for the child’s age. 

6. If a child continually exhibits behavior that is harmful to him/herself or others, the parents will be called in for a conference.

7. The YMCA believes in positive discipline that teaches self-esteem. Rather than telling children what they should not do, we focus on what they should do.

The Wyckoff Y reserves the right to dismiss any child who has not adjusted to the program after a reasonable amount of time.