Pacifier Policy

  1. Pacifiers are permitted only in the crib for Infants or on the sleep mat for Toddler’s at rest/sleep time only.

  2. If a pacifier is to be used the Parent/Guardian should provide at least two pacifiers (labeled with their child’s name using a waterproof label or non-toxic permanent marker) on a regular basis. The extra pacifier should be available in case a replacement is needed.

  3. Staff must inspect each pacifier for tears or cracks before each use.

  4. Staff must clean each pacifier with soap and water and rinse thoroughly before each use.

  5. Pacifiers are not permitted to be attached to the child’s clothing in any manner or hung around the child’s neck. Pacifiers are not permitted to have attachments such as stuffed animals.

  6. If an Infant refuses the pacifier at nap time he/she will not be forced to take it.

  7. If the pacifier falls out of the Infants mouth during nap time it does not need to be re-inserted.

  8. Pacifiers should not be coated in any sweet solution.

  9. Pacifiers should be cleaned and stored open to air; separate from the diapering area, diapering items, or other children’s personal items.