Termination and Suspension Policy

It is the goal of the Wyckoff Family YMCA Early Learning Centers to keep all children enrolled from their date of admission until their Childcare needs with us have ended. Unfortunately, sometimes, situations may develop that may cause termination or suspension of a child. The reasons for doing this may be varied, but several are listed below.

  • Breaking of the tuition contract;
  • The center is unable to meet the developmental, physical, and/or emotional needs of the child after exhausting all means;
  • The child or parent(s) disobey rules or regulations of the center;
  • Physical, verbal, emotional and/or sexual abuse to the other children and/or staff;
  • Behavior or circumstances caused by a parent or child, which may be detrimental to the staff or other children;

*Immediate termination can occur if any dangerous or abusive situation exists with a child or parent.

In the case of termination or suspension, the following steps will be takes:

  • A verbal discussion will be held between the director, teacher and parent to discuss the problem;
  • If appropriate and/or requested, a written notice of this meeting will follow within 24 hours stating the problem and the agreed upon suggestions toward solution;
  • Termination or suspension may occur in 3-14 days if the conditions of the agreed upon plan are not met. (If a dangerous situation should present itself then immediate termination is possible) You are invited to come and talk to the director about other options for Childcare. The final decision regarding termination shall be made at the discretion of the director;
  • The child and family will always be warmly welcomed. If he/she is terminated staff will respectfully discharge them. Staff will speak about the departure in a positive manner.

Some children do not adjust well in a group situation. If we feel that a child is not benefiting from our care, we will have a conference with the parent(s) to try to change any of our classroom strategies that we can. If, after all steps in our Termination and Suspension Policy have been taken, and we cannot serve your child’s or families best interests, termination will proceed. A child with a disability will not be excluded, based on a disability, and we will comply with ADA requirements.

In the event of failure to meet your tuition agreement, termination or suspension may occur until a financial agreement between the Wyckoff Family YMCA and the family is established. This suspension will be communicated by a written notice or by a personal call from the Wyckoff Family YMCA or the Childcare Director. When notice is given to terminate Childcare, tuition should be at a $0 balance. Arrangements in writing may be made to assure payment of the balance. The Wyckoff Family YMCA reserves the right to take all means necessary to collect tuition due.