Rejuvenate, Meditate, & Reiki Workshop

Date: March 5, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
Location: (Get Directions)
The Franklin Lakes Community Center
1 Vichiconti Way
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Contact: Ellen B.
Phone: 201-891-2081 Ext. 121
Email: [email protected]


Tue., March 5 - Postponed Date

7:00-8:15pm at The Franklin Lakes Community Center

Instructor: Evie Salerno

This evening is a perfect recipe for finding balance and inner peace in your life...The class begins with gentle Acu-Yoga stretches to open the body and then moving onto a guided meditation in Shavasana with a short Reiki Session. Acupressure will be done on each participant (not mandatory). 

This class is open to all levels. No prior yoga or meditation experience needed.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used to heal physical and mental trauma, and to support mental clarity and spiritual well-being. In Japanese, the word "rei" refers to a higher intelligence that permeates all living and non-living entities and guides that inherent functioning of the universe. 

Full Member: $20

Program Member: $25

Non-Member: $30


Questions? Contact: [email protected]