Personal Training

Take it to the Next Level! 

Enhance and further your workout by experiencing “the next level” of specialty Fitness available for purchase.

Get Started Toward Your Fitness Goals

with 2 COMPLIMENTARY ORIENTATIONS to the Fitness Center with a certified trainer! Create a plan tailored just for you. Be sure to make your appointment at the Membership desk. New Full Members only. 

Personal Training:

Ages 13 & Up
Reach your fitness goals with one-on-one sessions ranging from strength, cardio, flexibility, improvement, weight loss, athletic performance, yoga, and Pilates.

1 Hour Session
Full Member
Program Member
1 Session $70 $75
30 Minute Session
1 Session $50 $55


One-on-One/Partner Yoga

Teachers focus on alignment challenges specific to each student in these 60 min. sessions. Small group (3-5) also available!

(1) Session

Full Member: $110      Program Member: $120        Non-Member: $140

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(5) Session

Full Member: $500       Program Member: $550       Non-Member: $650

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“Get On Track” Pack:

Make time for yourself and learn how to reset your metabolism, get motivated through movement, and find time to relax and de-stress! 

Package focuses on all areas of Wellness and includes:

  • 1 hour Personal Training Session
  • 1 hour Nutrition Consultation
  • 1 hour Massage, Reflexology, or Fascial Stretch
  • And a Choice of 1 Fitness Workshop

Full Member: $125   Program Member: $145


Personal & Small Group Training To Schedule:

Contact: [email protected]

Semi-Private Training

Training designed for 2-3 participants in a 60 min. session. Workouts created by a certified trainer to be challenging and fun.   

Full Member: (1) Sess. $80  (5) Sess. $360

Program Member: (1) Sess. $90     (5) Sess. $400

Pre-Registration Required.

To Take Advantage Contact: [email protected]


Golf Movement Screening

The Titleist Performance Institute Golf Functional Screening assesses the imbalances and weaknesses in your body that are inhibiting the proper movements in your golf swing. This screening is used to develop an individualized training program to correct those weaknesses so that you feel and perform better on the course.

Full Member: $50    Program Member: $55



These 60 min. sport specific workouts focus on improving athlete’s speed and agility and increase overall power and strength. Training sessions are designed with exercises with an emphasis on injury prevention. For 2-3 athletes.

Full Member: (1) Sess. $80,  (5) Sess. $360

Program Member: (1) Sess. $90,  (5) Sess. $400


Post Rehab Training

Meet with a Trainer twice a week to develop your exercise program.  The program includes (1) Fitness Assessment and (8) 30 min. sessions.  Continued sessions determined by Trainer’s evaluation.  Physician’s note required.

Full Member:  $165   Program Member:  $185


Personal Partners

A Wellness Program designed for individuals with varying abilities. Participants engage in fitness activities and learn nutrition basics all to enhance function and live a healthier lifestyle.

45 min. Session: (1) Sess. $38    (5) Sess. $165   (10) Sess. $280

30 min. Session: (1) Sess. $28    (5) Sess. $115   (10) Sess. $195


Strengthening Survivors

Cancer Survivor One-on-One Training

An individualized fitness program designed for those who have become deconditioned from their treatment. Includes (1) Fitness Assessment and (8) 30 min. sessions. Sessions focus to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, state of mind, and overall quality of life to help you LiveWell!

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Did you know we offer Program Classes?