Aren’t member and program fees enough to support the Wyckoff Family YMCA?

The Wyckoff Family YMCA is a not-for-profit organization. Membership and program fees do help support the YMCA. However, many of the programs that the YMCA provides do not generate revenue significant to cover costs. In addition, the mission of the YMCA is to make programs available for all, regardless of an individual’s financial circumstances. The YMCA provides scholarships and program subsidies thanks to individual, corporate and foundation charitable gifts.

How can corporations and foundations work with the YMCA?

The YMCA’s Development Office fosters the development of mutually beneficial partnerships with corporations and foundations in our community and around the nation. The YMCA’s strengths in character-driven programs and services can advance a company’s strategic business interests and help philanthropic organizations achieve their goals. If you would like to discuss ways that the YMCA can help your organization achieve its goals, please contact us.

Does my gift really make a difference?

YES! Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference. The gifts of thousands of YMCA friends quickly add up.

Does the YMCA accept Matching Gifts?

Yes. Corporate matching gifts are encouraged. Donors simply gather their company’s matching gift form and submit it to the YMCA with their gift. The YMCA promptly completes the matching gift form and returns it to the corporation.

Will I receive a receipt for my gift?

All donations (no matter the size) will receive an IRS compliant thank you note for your tax reporting purposes.

Can I make a gift in honor or memory of a friend or loved one?

Tribute and memorial gifts are welcomed. The donor will be provided a tax compliant thank you note. The individual (or his or her family) will receive an acknowledgement from the YMCA noting that a gift has been made in honor or memory. The donor’s name and address will be provided to the family so that they can acknowledge your generosity, but the YMCA does not share the gift value with the family.

What are the manners in which I can make a gift?

Cash, checks, credit cards, bank electronic funds transfers/draws, appreciated assets, real estate and planned gifts are all accepted by the Wyckoff Family YMCA.

How do I contact the Development Department and/or where do I mail my gift?

Wyckoff Family YMCA
Development Department
691 Wyckoff Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ  07481

Contact Ellen Gifford at Elleng@wyckoffymca.org