Wyckoff Y Cares Fund

At the Wyckoff Family YMCA...

Health and Wellness are much more than just physical fitness and sports. We believe that the Y is a connected, community resource which is vital in helping people develop in spirit, mind, and body. 

Wyckoff Y Cares is a charitable Fund

Established in memory of Michael O’Shea and Pietro Maugeri, two individuals who exemplified selfless commitment to those in need, and we’re dedicated to strengthening their communities. 

The Mission of the Wyckoff Y Cares Fund...

is to provide assistance in meeting the needs of those who are facing adversity and hardship within our community. 

Every dollar raised for Wyckoff Y Cares goes directly to those in need.

Last Year, with your help, the Y was able to:

  • Address the needs of those facing critical illness, unemployment, or a debilitating loss. 

  • Provide life-altering opportunities for cancer survivors at no personal cost through the Y’s Live Well Cancer Survivor Program.

  • Underwrite the costs for over 100 kids and Young Adults with Autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental disabilities, who attend the Y’s Special Needs Programs, thus providing family stability. 

  • Respond to the isolated older Adults with hopeful means and support, so that they may reconnect with others in their community and engage in active and rewarding experiences. 


Great organizations care for their communities.

Thank you for believing in us.

This fund is spearheaded by the O’Shea and Maugeri families, in memory of Michael O’Shea and Pietro Maugeri.


Michael O’Shea…

what really made him special was his overall character. He was always willing to be there for anyone who needed him and would do so without expecting anything in return. He never wanted any recognition but simply thrived on knowing that he was able to help someone. Mike was just a consummate “man of the community” in both his professional life of law enforcement and in his personal life as a friend, neighbor, and devoted family man.



Pietro Maugeri…

exemplified the term “altruism” at its very best, loving his neighbor more than himself. Unquestionably, his family was first and foremost. He loved unconditionally. His special wish, “sempre allegro!” – (be) always happy – will forever remain in the hearts and minds of all those who were blessed to have known him.

To volunteer, or for more information, contact Ellen Gifford at elleng@wyckoffymca.org.



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