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Welcome To The Wyckoff Family YMCA

The Power of Partnerships!

A Message from the Director:


Dear Friends of the Y, 

Thank you for your continued support and friendship as we begin another program year celebrating “The Power of Partnerships”. You and your family are always deeply-rooted in our thoughts and your well-being is paramount to us. 

As we begin 2019, it is with heartfelt gratitude that we recognize and honor our many Community Partners. We thank them for their continued trust and confidence in our commitment to serving you, our constituents. And, through their support of Wyckoff Y CARES, we have accomplished great things together, all “FOR A BETTER US.” 

Our role as the premier Community Center in the area enables us to provide the very best of care for our Members and the Community-at-Large. Our Partnerships with other non-profit organziations like the area Boards of Education, area Townships, and Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Corps. enhance the scope and quality of our program delivery. 

As you read through the Winter Spring Brochure, I hope it becomes evident that there is something in store for every Member of the Y Family...from the Toddler enjoying a first swim lesson on Wyckoff Day, to the Active Older Adult being tutored to Master the art of Balance at one of our NEW! Workshops, led by our new partner, HUMC! 

Don’t miss a moment of all that is to come in the months ahead at the Wyckoff Family YMCA - a place where you can achieve a real sense of satisfaction, “inner peace”,and above all, where you can always come to feel “grounded” and at home.

With continued Gratitude,

Joy Vottero, Executive Director

The Mission:

The Wyckoff Family YMCA is a non-profit, social service charitable organization (501)c3. We focus on developing the potential of youth, improving health and well-being, and giving back to and supporting our community. The Wyckoff Family YMCA reaches out to the residents of northern New Jersey and provides services and activities which help people regardless of age, sex, race, or religion to develop in spirit, mind, and body.

YMCA Cornerstones of Character:

  • CARING - To love others, to be sensitive to the well-being of others, to help others.
  • HONESTY - To tell the truth, to act in such a way that you are worthy of trust, to have integrity; making sure your choices match your values.
  • RESPECT - To treat others as you would have them treat you; to value the worth of every person, including yourself.
  • RESPONSIBILITY - To do what is right, what you ought to do; to be accountable for your behavior and obligations.