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Why The Y? 

At the Wyckoff Family YMCA, health and wellness are so much more than just fitness and sports. The Y is a connected community resource which is vital in helping all people develop in spirit, mind, and body while addressing all areas of an individual’s well-being. 

Members of our Y Family discover all kinds of programs, wellness opportunities and services far beyond the realm of “day care.” In addition to the benefit of the Y’s high standards of Childhood Curriculum and Education, your child can enjoy a swim or dance lesson along with his or her classmates, take a field trip to the Police Station to learn about our community heroes, collect food for those in need during the holidays, and so much more. The Y’s emphasis on Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility carries far beyond the classroom--it pervades everything we do!

Enrolling in Y Childcare connects families to a wide web of friends, networks, and support through the Wyckoff Family YMCA community. Y families represent a diverse and inclusive collection of cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. These differences create classrooms where acceptance develops as children learn to practice tolerance and promote equality amongst themselves. 


The Wyckoff Family YMCA Early Childhood Curriculum develops the “whole” child through a focus on growth, development, and learning across all five Developmental Domains: Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Language, and Physical. 

Social skills allow children to interact with the world around them. Socialization is fundamental for every child to be able to engage in Responsibility and Relationships, Appropriate Social Behaviors, and Family and Community Involvement. 

Emotional awareness is a key building block for every child’s sense of self. Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, and Self-Confidence are built through Emotional Development. With these skills, children learn methods for Identifying and Expressing Feelings, and they develop Trust and Emotional Security.

Cognitive development encompasses a child’s ability to process, learn, and interpret information. Problem solving, logical thinking, and representing information are key components of cognitive development at all ages. Academic content including concepts of Science, Math, Creative Arts, and Technology are all included within the Cognitive Domain.


Developing the skills to Listen and Understand along with the skills to Communicate and Speak provides every child with the ability to engage in meaningful two-way interactions. Non-verbal communication skills such as gestures, motions, and body language are also important proficiencies for children to master. Children demonstrate Emergent Literacy as they learn to participate in reading and writing activities.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills allow children to actively engage with the people, places, and things within their environment. Movement, balance, coordination skills, and confidence are enhanced as children gain ability with motor tasks. Health and Hygiene skills help children learn to make wise decisions and teach them how to properly care for themselves.

AGES SERVEDkids meeting


6 wks. – 18 mos.

Infants learn and grow moment to moment. Born naturally curious explorers, they are able to engage and interact with their environment and those around them. At the Y, Primary Caregivers provide nurturing, safe, engaging, and active learning experiences to help all infants learn, grow, and thrive.


18 mos. – 36 mos.

Toddlers experience the curious world around them with a “hands on”, play based approach. Within the Y’s Childcare environments, Toddlers become more self aware as they learn, explore, create, problem solve, and use their imagination. Teachers support and encourage Toddlers in their motor inspired stage of life as they learn to accept limitation in balance with their desire for independence.


3 yrs. – 4 yrs.

Preschool is a child’s first school inspired classroom experience. Through the Y’s Curriculum model, Preschool children develop social, emotional, and communication skills. They acquire cognitive abilities and develop motor skills that expand on the building blocks of the Toddler years. In Preschool, academic learning is valued equally to the development of self-confidence and life skills.


4 yrs. – 5 yrs.

In Y Childcare, Pre-K students learn responsibility, respect, social skills, and academics through a comprehensive program for Kindergarten readiness. A strong foundation in the Developmental Domains best prepares students for their lifelong learning journeys. Pre-K students are ready to be exposed to a larger variety of interesting content topics that allow for engaging lessons and explorations. Field trips and Program Classes included in the cost of care further enhance the Pre-K experience.


4.5 yrs. – 6 yrs.

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)provides children with a bridge between Childcare and elementary school. TK is an important confidence and skill building step for children who miss the birthday cutoff, or who need extra classroom preparation before entering Kindergarten. TK at the Y provides students with a Curriculum tailored to the individual abilities and needs of each child to further develop their academic and social skills necessary for success in school.

Students have weekly Nutrition and Exercise Classes through the HEALTHY U PROGRAM, a collaborative partnership between the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey and the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance and its Member Associations. The HEALTHY U PROGRAM uses the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Curriculum to promote physical activity and healthy eating.


What are the Staff to Child Ratios?

Our Early Learning Centers comply with the State of New Jersey mandated Childcare ratios.

  • Under 18 mos. 1:4Questions Vector
  • 18 mos. up to 2 1⁄2 yrs. 1:6
  • 2 1⁄2 yrs. up to 4 yrs. 1:10
  • 4 yrs. 1:12
  • 5 yrs. and Older 1:15
What is the Drop Off / Pick Up Routine Like?

Upon arrival at the beginning and end of the day, you will sign your child in/out on their class roster.
We keep an Authorized Pick Up list for each child. You provide the names of all individuals allowed to take your child, and are able to add names as needed. Newly authorized pick-ups must show I.D.

How are children transported outside of the classroom during the day?

The rosters track the number of children in each classroom, and ensure that all children are present as the group travels from place to place.

When do I keep my child home?

Deciding when to keep a sick child at home from school is not always easy. But when a child is truly sick, they need to stay home in the care of an adult to get well and to prevent spreading illness to others. Reference our Health, Illness, and Communicable Disease Management Policy for specific guidelines.

What programs are available once my child reaches School Age?

Once your child has graduated from Childcare, we have several programs for them to join! From Before and After School Care, KEP and Kinder Krew, to our Camp Wydaca, children of all ages have a place they belong.