Spring Lake

Spring Lake Park

Enjoy sparkling SPRING LAKE by adding it to your Full Facility Membership from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

As you can imagine, due to the new guidelines provided by the Governor’s Executive Orders and the approval of our local Board of Health, there have been some necessary changes to hours of operation and lake policies. The new Guidelines have mandated that our Camp Participants and Lake Members not occupy the Lake Area at the same time throughout the day as they have in the past. We are updating the guideline information on a regular basis, scroll down to review our most up to date Guildlines. We appreciate your continued trust in us and look forward to a Summer full of safe fun!

Questions about Guidelines: Email [email protected]

Questions about Registering: Email [email protected] 


Monday-Friday: 1pm-8pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am-8pm

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  • FREE Summer Music Series - Bring Your Beach Chair! 
  • Teens Ages 13 & up may enjoy Spring Lake without a Parent Weekdays 3-7pm and Weekends 11am-7pm (Full Family Wyckoff YMCA Membership and Spring Lake Bach Club Membership must be current.)
  • Weekday Swim Lessons
  • Water Feature for older children
  • “Crafty Clams” Sessions for children ages 3-7.
  • Join the Stingrays, our summer Swim Team!

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NEW! LAKE LESSONS at Spring Lake Beach Club!

We have received the go ahead to open Swim Lessons at Spring Lake! Please click below to Register for your Weekly block of 4 lessons with the same Instructor!


2020 Spring Lake Guidelines - JULY

Dear Spring Lake Members,

Bryan McDonnell, our Lake Director, has been working hard in collaboration with our local Board of Health to determine how we will logistically practice social distancing and keep all our lake members safe when we open on Saturday June 20th.

PLEASE note that we will consistently update our new guidelines for Spring Lake to follow the Governor’s Executive orders.  In light of this, we are asking you to check our website for our latest updates. If we all do our part, we will make this work! We are always open to your suggestions and constructive ideas!

Please carefully Review the 2020 Social Distancing Guidelines Below:


  • Registration for Spring Lake Membership is OPEN!
  • Guidelines have mandated that our Lake Members and Camp Wydaca participants not occupy the lake area at the same time throughout the day as they have in the past.
  • Beginning July 6th, the lake will be open for lake members only from 1pm-8pm Monday through Friday and 10am-8pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • We are happy to inform you that From June 20th through July 5th, the lake will be open for members only from 10am until 8pm.
  • At this time, we are not able to invite guests, but we will be reviewing our guest policy on a regular basis.
  • All members must enter the lake area down the Spring Lake Driveway.  This entrance is by the flagpole. 
  • As you enter the lake, all members must check-in with the gate attendant to confirm your membership.  SPRING LAKE BADGES WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED THIS YEAR.
  • We will also have a Social distancing ambassador to assist and ensure safety guidelines for members.


  • We will be opening the beach area around the lake and the groves that support them.
  • We are asking our members to wear a mask when arriving to the lake, when using the restrooms, while waiting in line for concessions, or when speaking with staff. While sitting on the beach or while in the water they are not required. 
  • Slide and Wibit will initially be closed as well as the playground area.
  • Members may bring sand toys, but water play equipment will not be permitted.  Goggles, noodles, boogie boards, kickboards, fins, snorkels, and other water toys will not be permitted at this time. If your child requires a lifejacket, please provide your own Coast Guard approved lifejacket.
  • ONLY Non-contact sports will be permitted in the grass areas of the property with proper social distancing being maintained.   Frisbees, balls, etc. will be allowed. 


  • All bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected hourly with an EPA registered disinfectant.
  • We will have a bathroom monitor to allow one person or one parent/child in at a time. 
  • Lifeguard staff will be cleaning lake facilities on a consistent basis.  All high touch areas will be cleaned hourly, at a minimum, and as needed, including any closed doors (restrooms) and lifeguard chairs and first aid areas.  Any doors that can be propped open will be in an effort to reduce touching.
  • At this time, neither the indoor nor outdoor showers will be open.
  • Jerry’s concession stand will be open with limited access to patio seating.


  • Lifeguards will be available for First Aid.  Minor First Aid should be treated by immediate family, if possible.  Supplies will be provided at our First Aid station.
  • Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to rent umbrellas.  You may provide your own umbrella. 
  • Crafty Clams will be on hold until further notice.

We are happy to be able to offer beautiful Spring Lake Beach Club to you this summer so you can enjoy the sunshine, sand, and water with your family.  We are busy planning our usually enriching summer activities and fun events for adults and children., We look forward to working together as we make it a memorable and safe summer for all. Let us remember to be patient, kind, and understanding to our friends, family, and neighbors.

Any questions about our guidelines or policy please email Bryan at [email protected]  or Ron at [email protected]

Any questions about registering please email Debbie at [email protected]