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Our Innovative Learning Experiences...

Nurture the Imagination, Develop Creativity, and Teach important Socialization Skills in a rewarding and engaging environment!

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Session IV Offerings:

April 2 – June 3 (8 weeks)
Break Week: Apr. 9 – 15 / Make Up Week: June 4 – 10

Class Structure: Sess. III/IV = 8 Weeks or Sess. III–IV = 16 Weeks

Online and In Person Registration:


Parent and Pal Classes:

Precious Moments and Creating Firsts!

Baby Gymsters blocks

4 – 10 mos.

Mon. 9:30-10:15am

Bond through guided play and focus on physical elements like pre-crawling to crawling, rolling over, tummy and neck strength, and more.  Cognitive and social development happens through interactive play with caretakers introducing actions that correspond with verbal cues, musical games, and dancing.

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Baby Steps sneakers

10 – 14 mos.

Mon. 10:15-11am

Strengthen crawling skills with gym equipment and props. Pre-walking opportunities will fine-tune first steps.  Simple songs and stories are told with hand movements and repetition.  Instrument time is introduced as are verbal cues with an emphasis on opposites to coincide such as stop/go, loud/quiet, and on/off.

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Baby Speedsters racing flags

14 – 18 mos.

Wed. 10:15-11am

Obstacle courses provide a safe caretaker-led opportunity to practice balance, spatial awareness, eye and foot coordination, and physical problem solving. Explore language development with repetitive sounds and acting out words and their meanings through songs, rhymes, and simple games. Hand-eye coordination is introduced through puppet play, bean bags, and sports balls.

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Musical Gymsters I musical notes blue

12 – 18 mos.

Fri. 10:30-11:15am

Explore musical play and simple instruments while moving and interacting with the instructor along with their caregiver.  Playing together with music can brighten their mood, benefit their brain, and boost their language skills.

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Musical Gymsters II musical notes green

18 – 24 mos.

Fri. 9:30-10:15am

Explore musical play and simple instruments while moving and interacting with the instructor along with their caregiver.  Playing together with music can brighten their mood, benefit their brain, and boost their language skills.

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Play Together, Learn Together kids running

18 – 24 mos.

Thu. 9:30-10:15am

Fine-tune gross motor skills with more challenging obstacle courses and work with fine motor through smaller block building and instrument play.  Turn taking and line holding is exercised. Children become more aware of the peers around them and opportunities for interactive play and sharing abound.

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115 


Cook With Me cooking mixer

Ages 2 – 3

Mon. 9:30-10:30am

Little chefs and their helper, will cook up "old school" favorites, such as wedding soup, spaghetti and meatballs, stuffed peppers, and cabbage, plus much more.  Recipes and to-go containers included.

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Gym Grads I basketball and hoop

Ages 2 – 3

Wed. 9:30-10:15am & Tue. 11:30am-12:15pm

Learn early gymnastic skills including the use of balance beams, tumbling, and mini-trampoline work. Early sports skills will be introduced with ball play. Queuing and teamwork are explored with group games and sports play.

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Baby Ballerinas ballet slippers

Ages 2 – 3

Sess. III-IV: Tue. 9:30-10:15am, Wed. 9:30-10:15am, Thu. 9-9:45am

Be creative through movement, music, and mime. Learn and practice basic ballet skills, terminology, rhythm, and coordination in a supportive and supervised environment.  Dancers will perform in the end of year showcase, "On Broadway".

Full Member: $200  /  Program Member: $220


Paint & Play artboard

Ages 2 – 3

Tue. 9:30-10:45am, Thu. 9:45-11am

Create an art project in a 30 minute segment followed by 45 minutes of movement.  Learn how to participate and listen to a leader with the encouragement and guidance of caretakers to get ready for the classroom experience.​

Full Member: $130  /  Program Member: $150



Playgroup playgroup Babies

Ages 2 – 3, Without Parent

Sess. III-IV: Mon., Wed., and/or Fri. 9:30-11am

Journey into preschool programming! Activities include storytime, art projects, free play, a movement segment, and circle time using basic readiness skills and group interaction.

Full Member: 1x / $220, 2x / $335, 3x / $445
Program Member: 1x / $240, 2x / $355, 3x / $465



Ages 3 – 4 Without Parent

Sess. III-IV: Tue. and/or Thu. 9-11:30am

Supplement your child’s current nursery school schedule while increasing independence with an emphasis on socialization. A theme-based curriculum will include crafts, storytime, music and movement, and creative play.

Full Member: 1x / $280, 2x / $400
Program Member: 1x / $300, 2x / $420


Pre-K Classes:

Bonding, Discovery, and Exploration Happens Here.

Gymnastics Igymnastics usa

Ages 3.5 – 4

Tue. 10:45-11:30am, Tue. 2-2:45pm

Learn exercises that improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. Basic gymnastics skills including rolls, jumps, and balance training are taught through obstacle courses and equipment stations.

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $130


Gymnastics II

Ages 4 – 5

Mon. 1:15-2pm, Mon. 2:30-3:15pm, Tue. 1-1:45pm

Develop strength, balance, and flexibility while enhancing coordination through basic tumbling, apparatus skills, and obstacle courses.

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $130


Swim & Gymnastics II

Ages 4 – 5

Tue. 1-2:30pm

Tumbling, apparatus work, beam, uneven bars, and water activities all included. Swim abilities develop using kickboards, noodles, and more. Gymnastics with a splash of confidence!

Full Member: $155  /  Program Member: $175


Gym Grads II

Ages 3 – 5

Wed. 1-1:45pm

Gain strength, coordination, spatial awareness, opposition, and movement strategies to help in other sports and activities. This movement class is sure to be a hit!

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


NEW! Little Scribblers Math and science

Ages 3 – 5

Mon. 1-1:45pm

Learn the fundamentals of drawing by transforming geometric shapes into animals, buildings, cars, and more. Art mixed with a little math!

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


STEAM Labmath

Ages 3 – 5

Mon. 2:45-3:30pm

Welcome scientists, artists, and mathematicians in a study of the how and why things work. Create artwork using everyday objects to understand concepts like static electricity, gravity, magnetism, and more!

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Cooking & Crafts kitchen

Ages 3 - 5

Tue. 1-1:45pm, Thu. 1-1:45pm

Get creative in the kitchen and stir up a delicious masterpiece! While your food is cooking - theme based art projects will keep you engaged and learning about nutrition.

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Creative Cookscooking

Ages 3 - 5

Wed. 9:30-10:30am

Learn to make homemade pasta, basic soups and stews that take time, but ensure time well spent in the kitchen!

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Little Chefslittle chefs

Ages 3 – 5

Wed. 1-1:45pm

Explore new ingredients and learn how to follow a recipe through nutrition education. Measure, stir, chop, pour, sift…bon appetite!

Full Member: $95  /  Program Member: $115


Gr. K - 6 Classes:

Enhance your child’s “out of school” time!

Tutoring Lessons:tutor

Gr. K & Up

The YMCA offers private and semi-private tutoring lessons in Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Homework Help, and more. Each session is customized to your child and their learning needs.

30 min. Private: $40
60 min. Private: $65
60 min. Semi-Private (2 children): $80

NEW! Need A Girl Scout Badge? girl scout logo

Come see Us!

The Wyckoff YMCA offers one day class options for troops across the area. We tailor the program to fit your troops needs - Cake Decorating, Cooking, Gymnastics, Dance, Art, Sewing, and more…we even offer CPR and First Aid Certifications!


NEW! The Found Artistkids painting

Gr. K – 5

Mon. 4-5pm

Upcycle items from your recycling bin! Bring a city to life with boxes small and large, create a cactus garden made entirely out of plastic bottles, and more. Challenge your design skills!

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $130


Watercolor Art painted hands

Gr. K - 5

Wed. 5:30-6:30pm

Students choose from dozens of pictures that are ready to ink, color, and paint using watercolor pencils. Learn basic skills to further develop talent and creativity. Take home framed artwork!

Full Member: $120  /  Program Member: $140


Jr. Chefscooking

Gr. K – 2

Tue. 4:30-5:15pm

Jr. Chefs grow in confidence and knowledge as they create seasonal recipes. Proper food handling, cooking and baking techniques, terminology, table setting, and more are taught!

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $130


Creative Cooks: “Chopped” pots and pans

Gr. 1 – 5

Thu. 5:30-7pm

Food Network Inspired Class: Read basic recipes and learn techniques needed to explore and become comfortable in the kitchen. Work in teams and independently to create a personal take on a dish. Plating and nutritional facts are a bonus.

Full Member: $130  /  Program Member: $150


NEW! Cookbook Chronicles

Gr. 3 & Up

Tue. 5:30-7pm

Journey through classic cookbooks. From Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, to comfort classics from the Barefoot Contessa, and a little Italian with Giada, chefs learn to read recipes and if needed adjust!

Full Member: $130  /  Program Member: $150



The Gymnast Club: We’re Flipping Out!

The Wyckoff YMCA offers a Progressive Gymnastics Program where children develop and continually improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Our Club focuses on self-confidence through movement and strength skills on the tumbling mats and apparatus. High Flyer! Reach new heights on the high beams and uneven bars to perfect your skills!

Gymnastics IIIgymnastics

Gr. K

Sess. III-IV: Mon. 4-4:45pm

Full Member: $220  /  Program Member: $260 

Sess. III/IV: Tue. 3:30-4:15pm

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $130


Gymnastics IV gymnastics

Gr. 1 – 2

Sess. III-IV: Mon. 4:45-5:45pm

Full Member: $240  /  Program Member: $280

Sess. III/IV: Tue. 4:15-5:15pm

Full Member: $120  /  Program Member: $140


Swim & Gymnastics IVgymnastics

Gr. 1 – 2

Tue. 4:15-6pm

Full Member: $165  /  Program Member: $185


Gymnastics Vgymnastics

Gr. 3 – 6

Sess. III-IV: Mon. 5:45-6:45pm

Full Member: $240  /  Program Member: $280


Sewing: Gr. 3 & Up

Learn basic sewing skills; how to measure, read a pattern, cut out, and assemble the pieces properly along with the use of a sewing machine.

It’s Sew Fun: Level 1sewing

Wed. 5-6pm

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $130

Plus $48 Material Fee


Sew Much More: Level 2  sewing tools

Thu. 5-6pm

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $130

Plus $48 Material Fee


Sew Your Own Project 

Tue. 5-6pm sewing machine

It is up to you! Select a project and purchase fabric accordingly. Must have completed Level 1 and 2 of Sewing.

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $130

Plus $48 Material Fee


Custom Decor stitch

Mon. 5-6pm

For Your Room: Projects a fabric trimmed bulletin board, hanging phone charger case, bathrobe, and more.

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $130

Plus $48 Material Fee

NEW! Private Sewing Lessons 

All Skill Levels: 60 min. Private: $65

Babysitting Courseamerican red cross

Gr. 5-8

Mon. 6-7pm or 7-8pm

Train with the American Red Cross Curriculum to build confidence in handling an emergency situation to make you a more successful babysitter. Basic care, safety tips, safe play, and first aid will be among the numerous topics discussed.

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $130