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Session I Class Dates:

  • Monday: 9/9, 9/16, 9/23, (no 9/30), 10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4
  • Tuesday: 9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29
  • Wednesday: 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, (no 10/9), 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6
  • Thursday: 9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, (no 10/31), 11/7
  • Friday: 9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1
  • Saturday: 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, (no 10/5, Buddy Walk), 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9
  • Sunday: 9/15, 9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3
  • Break Week: November 4 – 10

Session II  Class Dates:

  • Monday: 11/11, 11/18, 11/25, 12/2, 12/9, 12/16, (no 12/23), (no 12/30), 1/6, 1/13
  • Tuesday: 11/12, 11/19, 11/26, 12/3, 12/10, 12/17, (no 12/24), (no 12/31), 1/7, 1/14
  • Wednesday: 11/13, 11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 12/11, 12/18, (no 12/25), (no 1/1), 1/8, 1/15
  • Thursday: 11/14, 11/21, (no 11/28), 12/5, 12/12, 12/19, (no 12/26), 1/2, 1/9, 1/16
  • Friday: 11/15, 11/22, (no 11/29), 12/6, 12/13, 12/20, (no 12/27), 1/3, 1/10, 1/17
  • Saturday: 11/16, 11/23, (no 11/30), 12/7, 12/14, 12/21, (no 12/28), 1/4, 1/11, 1/18
  • Sunday: 11/17, 11/24, (no 12/1), 12/8, 12/15, 12/22, (no 12/29), 1/5, 1/12, 1/19​
  • Break Week: December 23 – January 1   /   Make Up Week:  January 20 – 26 


Session I & II Offerings:

Session I & II Offerings:


The YMCA Sports Training Center empowers children by using sports as a catalyst to engage their inner strengths and abilities so they can confidently pursue an active lifestyle through each stage of development. The Program’s Curriculum is designed to include a vast array of sports classes, leagues, and programs all progressive in their offerings and led by an extraordinary team of accomplished Coaches and Teachers.


Baseball 2 

Gr. 3 – 5    Wed. 5:30-6:30pm 

Focus on more advanced throwing and catching techniques. Emphasis on catching fly balls, catching balls off of the bat, infield and outfield practice, and advanced base running techniques.

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140


Basketball 2 

Gr. 3 – 5  Wed.  5:45-6:45pm  Sess. I/II

The basics of basketball will be covered emphasizing passing, shooting, and dribbling.  Expect an introduction to offensive and defensive strategies along with game situations.

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140



Basketball League 2 

Gr. 3 – 5  Sat.  8:30am  Sess. II/III (14 weeks)

Athletes will have an evaluation session and be placed on evenly matched teams.  Each week will consist of skill work and game play. As the season progresses along with the players skills, games will mostly be played for the last half of the season.  Game Schedule will be posted.

Full Member: $200    Program Member: $220    Non-Member: $230


Basketball Clinic 3 

Gr. 6 – 9  Mon.  5:30-6:30pm  Sess. I/II

Advanced shooting drills, passing drills, and game concepts will be refined. Focus on offensive and defensive strategies along with a deeper understanding of how the game is played.

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140    Non-Member: $150



Grades 58:  Boys and Girls 

Mon., 6:30-8pm  Wed., 8-9:30pm

Monday:  9/9, 9/16, 9/23, (no 9/30), 10/7

Wednesday:  9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2​​


Grades 912:  Boys and Girls

Mon., 8-9:30pm   Wed., 6:30-8pm

Monday:  9/9, 9/16, 9/23, (no 9/30), 10/7

Wednesday:  9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2​​

Specifically Geared Toward the Travel, AAU, and Varsity Athlete.  Designed to develop the total player including all aspects of the game from ball handling and shooting to intense defensive drills. Focus is on the mental side of the game as well as teaching your athlete what it means and what it takes to become an Elite Player.  Not recommended for beginner players.

Full Member:  $40 per 90 min. class

Program/Non-Member:  $45 per 90 min. class


Gr. 58

The YMCA’s Travel Basketball Team strives to elevate skills, promote teamwork, and develop the player as well as the individual. The program is structured to be free of parent coaching, excessive expense, and distant travel. We stress dedication and hard work in a balanced environment while trying to accommodate your family’s schedule as much as possible. It is sure to be a rewarding experience for your young athlete!

  •      Includes 10-15 games
  •      Practice 1-2 days per week
  •      Teams coached by: Pat O’Hagan, 20 years of experience coaching basketball
  •      Season culminates here at the Y with a statewide YMCA tournament

Tryouts:  Wed., October 23

Pre-Registration Required.


NFL Flag Football League 2:  Gr. 3 – 4 

NFL Flag Football League 3:  Gr. 5 – 6

Sess. I:  Sat. 8:30am

Join the YMCA’s NFL sponsored leagues where jerseys are supplied with official NFL team logos.  Turn your passion into play and learn to maneuver through a defense, run basic routes, pass patterns, and the proper method for taking a hand-off.  Each week will include skill work followed by a game.

Full Member: $100    Program Member: $120    Non-Member: $130


Street Devils Hockey League 2 

Gr. 4 – 6

Program sponsored by the New Jersey Devils.  This League offers the opportunity to play hockey which combines speed, athletic ability, and sportsmanship.  Helmets provided for all players or bring your own.

Sess. I:  Tue. 4-5pm

Full Member: $100    Program Member: $120    Non-Member: $130


Sess. II–III (14 weeks):  Tue. 4-5pm

Full Member: $200    Program Member: $220    Non-Member: $230


Lacrosse 2 

Gr. 4 – 6  Fri.  5-6pm  Sess. I/II

Participate in active ball drills (throwing, catching, ground balls, etc) and enhance the 1 and 2 handed cradle into lacrosse dodges (split, face, roll).  Expect a higher level intensity of speed and agility along with ground ball work done with actual contact on the hands and arms. A better understanding for shot placement and location of where and when to shoot will improve players ability.

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140


Martial Arts 2 

Gr. 2 – 4  Tue.  5:30-6:15pm   Sess. I/II

Develop physical abilities while connecting those lessons with a self-awareness of one’s own potential for becoming a leader.  From agility ladders to kicking paddles, and from hurdles to punching targets, this blend of modern fitness equipment and traditional martial arts equipment combine to truly build students’ skills.  

Full Member: $140    Program Member: $160


Martial Arts 3 

Gr. 5 – 8  Tue.  6:15-7pm  Sess. I/II

Develop healthy mental and emotional skills.  Increase physical ability as well as nurturing a strong moral compass that will allow them to face some of the unique challenges their age group is presented with on a daily basis.  From kicking and punching, to running and jumping, this class also teaches self-confidence and personal responsibility.

Full Member: $140    Program Member: $160


The Wyckoff YMCA Soccer Training Program Presents…


November 7 & 8

8:30am – 2:30pm   Gr. K - 6    

Location: Rain (Gym1) or Shine (Turf Field)

Soccer Training Camp involves the following Instruction: Technical Warm-up, 1v1’s Footwork, Shooting, and more soccer related drills.

Please bring your own lunch.

Member: $60 per day

Non-Member: $70 per day

Register November 7  Register for November 8

Fast-Feet Soccer 

Gr. 6 – 8:  Fri. 4:45-5:45pm

Gr. 9 – 12:  Tue. 8:15-9:15pm

Sess. I/II

This high intensity fast-feet clinic will maximize players’ touches on the soccer ball.  Develop confidence on the ball that enables different moves which become a part of each players’ repertoire of skills.

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140 


TaeKwonDo 2 

Gr. 3 – 5  Mon.  4:45-5:30pm   Sess. I–II

Focus on movement technique including kicking and punching along with life skills such as self control, goal setting, and positivity.

Full Member: $200    Program Member: $220



TaeKwonDo 3 

Gr. 6 – 9  Mon.  5:30-6:30pm   Sess. I–II

Emphasis on respect, discipline, focus, and leadership skills. Learn forms, self-defense kicking, punching, and blocks with control and confidence.

Full Member: $220    Program Member: $240


Located at The Franklin Lakes Racquet Club

Minimum of 4 participants needed to run each class.

Maximum number of participants is 6.


Tennis 2 

Gr. 3 – 4  Mon.  5-6pm, Tue.  6-7pm, Sat. 11am-12pm  Sess. I/II

Consistently hit and rally low compression balls fed by instructor and peers.  Enhance peer-to-peer throwing, catching, and hitting rallies. Develop hand-eye coordination, footwork, and basic tennis strokes through a variety of hitting and catching activities.

Full Member: $200    Program Member: $220


Tennis 3 

Gr. 5 – 6  Mon.  6-7pm, Tue.  4-5pm  Sess. I/II

Enhance peer-to-peer throwing, catching, and hitting rallies utilizing compression balls.  Develop hand-eye coordination and footwork through various activities. Refine basic tennis strokes through a variety of hitting drills and games.

Full Member: $200    Program Member: $220


Tennis 4 

Gr. 7 – 8  Tue.  5-6pm  Sess. I/II

Learn to utilize a standard tennis ball. Consistently rally with peers. Refine tennis strokes through various drills.  Continue to develop hand-eye coordination and footwork through a variety of games and activities.

Full Member: $200    Program Member: $220


Volleyball 2 

Gr. 3 – 5   Thu.  5-6pm  Sess. I/II

Volleyball 2 utilizes a variety of active games and tools to teach basic volleyball techniques including passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking, tipping, and diving. Footwork and technique is emphasized.

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140


Volleyball Clinic 3 

Gr. 6 – 8   Thu.  6-7pm  Sess. I/II

More advanced drills, skill work, game play, and game situations will be the focus.  This class will show more strategy of the game, defensive drills, and court rotations.

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140   Non-Member: $150



Volleyball Clinic 4 

Gr. 9 – 12  Thu.  7-8pm  Sess. I/II

Advanced Players:  drills and practices will be run at a High School level. Player must have a solid understanding of the sport and be capable of handling higher level drills and skill work.

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140   Non-Member: $150


Golf 2 

Gr. 3 – 5  Fri.  5:45-6:45pm  Sess. I/II

The program focuses on the fundamentals of the full swing, putting, and chipping.  All players are introduced to the game in a fun and comfortable learning environment.

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140



Foobaskill:  Soccer AND Basketball 

Gr. 3 – 5:  Thu.  6-7pm

Gr. 6 – 8:  Thu.  7-8pm

Sess. I/II

Combine Soccer and Basketball - work on all aspects of both sports within one game!   ​Pass and move the ball to the other players to score in the hoop! Footwork, 1v1’s, dribbling, transitions, and more will be incorporated in this action packed sport!

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140

Sports Boot Camp 

Gr. 6 – 8:  Tue. 6-7pm

Gr. 9 – 12:  Tue. 7-8pm

Sess. I/II

Boot-Camp Conditioning is an opportunity for athletes to focus on their personal fitness. Each session will include a different set of stations.  Athletes will work their way around the circuit: high-knees, burpees, sit-ups, free-weights, and other kinesthetic drills will help to foster quick bursts of speed and endurance, applicable to any sport.

Full Member: $120    Program Member: $140