Youth Sports


Session I / II Offerings:

Class Structure: Sess. I/II = 8 Weeks or Sess. I–II = 16 Weeks

Sess. I: Make Up Week: November 5 – 11

Sess. II:  November 12 - January 13

Registration for Session II NOW OPEN!


Let the Games Begin!

While getting exercise, young players learn the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, and taking instruction. Our lower student-to-coach ratio, allow us to teach the benefits that go beyond the game. Building a passion for sports and inspiring youth to have a lifelong appreciation of an active lifestyle is at the heart of our mission. Classes also include fitness and cooperative games, as well as other gross motor skills and development activities.

Questions? Contact: [email protected] 

Get Your Tickets to the Game:

Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to come cheer young athletes on during the last class of each session.

Sports Development Classes:

NEW! Hop, Skip, & Splash hop skip and splash

Ages 3 - 4 Sports & Swim 

Mon. 9:15-10:30am, Wed. 9:45-11am

Children and caregivers will spend 30 minutes in the Gym moving through obstacle courses, playing games, and learning basic sports skills.  Caregivers have 15 minutes to change their little swimmer and get ready for the pool to enjoy a 30 minute instructional swim lesson.

Full Member: $155  /  Program Member: $165



Mini Messi’s I soccer ball

Birth Year: 2013-2014

Boys: Tue. 5-6pm, Girls: Fri. 4-5pm,

Boys/Girls: Wed. 1-2pm, Sat. 10-11am

Train in an educational soccer environment that provides the key to soccer development including foot skills, 1v1s, scrimmages, and lots of excitement!

Full Member: $145  /  Program Member: $155  /  Non-Member: $165


Y Ballers 1 basketball hoop

Ages 4 – 5

Tue. 1-1:45pm, Thu. 2:45-3:30pm

Individualized instruction helps to develop dribbling, passing, and shooting skills with an emphasis on team play.

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $120


Y Ballers 2

Gr. K basketball hoop

Wed. 4-4:45pm

Improve dribbling, passing, and shooting skills with an emphasis on game play.  Fitness movements including shuffling, back pedaling, and sprinting will get all Y ballers moving!

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $120


Y Ballers 3

Gr. 1 - 2 basketball hoop

Wed. 4:45-5:30pm

Improve dribbling, passing, and shooting skills with an emphasis on game play.  Fitness movements including shuffling, back pedaling, and sprinting will get all Y ballers moving!

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $120


Pee Wee Tennis 

Ages 4 – 6 tennish racket

Fri. 2-2:45pm

Utilizing "Quick Start" slow bouncing balls, smaller racquets and low nets, proper tennis techniques are incorporated into tennis games.  Racquets are provided.

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $120



Pee Wee Tennis

Ages 4 – 6 at The Franklin Lakes Racquet Club tennis ball

Tue. 4-4:45pm, Sat. 9-9:45am, or Saturday 10-10:45am

Utilizing "Quick Start" slow bouncing balls, smaller racquets and low nets, proper tennis techniques are incorporated into tennis games.  Racquets are provided.

Full Member: $175  /  Program Member: $195


Little Leaguers baseball

Ages 4 – 5

Thu. 1-1:45pm

Throw on the glove and grab a bat!  Each player develops throwing, catching, and batting skills to help them "round the bases". 

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $120


Hockey Pucks

Ages 4 – 5 hockey puck

Mon. 1-1:45pm, Wed. 2-2:45

Sess. II: Sat. 12:15-1pm

Grab a stick and take the "faceoff" to the fast, exciting game of hockey with an emphasis on skill development.  Learn the fundamentals of stick handling, passing, and shooting for game play.

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $120


Floor Hockey I 

Gr. K hockey net

Thu. 4-4:45pm

Grab a stick and take the "faceoff" to the fast, exciting game of hockey with an emphasis on skill development.  Learn the fundamentals of stick handling, passing, and shooting for game play.

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $120


Climbing Kids: Rock Wallclimbing

Gr. K - 2

Fri. 3:45-4:15pm

Improve your strength, balance, and coordination on our Transverse Climbing Wall.  Develop teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Full Member: $80  /  Program Member: $100


To the Tee: Golfers 

Gr. K - 2 golf ball

Fri. 4:15-5:15pm

Tee off with the TGA Junior Golf Program developed by certified PGA golf professionals.  Tailored to all ages and skill levels.  Equipment provided.

Full Member: $160  /  Program Member: $180


Sports Sampler 

Ages 4 - 5 sports sampler

Tue. 1:45-2:30pm, Fri. 1-1:45pm

Sess. I: Sat. 12:15-1pm

A perfect class for the child in search of their favorite sport:  baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer.  Participants learn the basic skills needed to play and be introduced to game play.

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $120



Speed & Agility: kids running

Sess. I / II

Gr. 3 - 5: Wed. 4:45-5:30pm

Gr. 6 - 8: Wed. 5:30-6:15pm

Become a better athlete with challenging exercises that improve speed, explosiveness, and overall conditioning. We are committed to helping you become the best athlete you can be!

Sign up for any Session I and/or II sports class, and receive 50% off Speed & Agility. 
Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $110  /   Non-Member: $120


Tae Kwon Do:

Sess. I-II

Tae Kwon Do Tigers 1

Gr. K - 2: Mon. 4-4:45pm

Learn to follow rules and directions while improving your skills in kicking and punching through different drills and games. 

Full Member: $190  /  Program Member: $210


Tae Kwon Do Tigers 2

Gr. 3 - 5: Mon. 4:45-5:30pm

Focus is on balance and coordination to improve kicking and blocking skills. Belt testing is done at this level. 

Full Member: $190  /  Program Member: $210


Tae Kwon Do Tigers Teens

Gr. 6 - 9: Mon. 5:30-6:30pm

Emphasis on respect, discipline, focus, and leadership skills. Learn forms, self-defense kicking, punching, and blocks with control and confidence.

Full Member: $210  /  Program Member: $230



Sess. I / II

Franklin Lakes Racquet Club

Gr. 1 - 4: tennish racket

Beginner: Mon. 4-5pm, Wed. 4-5pm, Sat. 10-11am

Full Member: $175  /  Program Member: $195

Intermediate: Mon. 5-6pm

Full Member: $175  /  Program Member: $195


Gr. 5 - 8:

Tue. 5-6pm, Sat. 11am-12pm

Full Member: $175  /  Program Member: $195


Instructor Approved Class: 

Intermediate: Tue. 5-6pm


Private and Semi Private Tennis Lessons:

All Lessons are held at the Franklin Lakes Racquet Club, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Lesson Availability: 

Monday: 6-8pm

Tuesday: 2-3pm & 6-7:30pm

Wednesday: 11:30am-12:30pm

Friday: 11:30am-12:30pm


30 min. SESSION: 1 Session $35          5 Pack $150



1 Session $80     5 Pack $400

Lacrosse Classes:


Tribe Lacrosse has merged with Building Blocks Lacrosse (BBL) - the best lacrosse player development organization in NJ - to form BBL North. Their innovative top level training classes focus on fast paced exercises that produce significant results while growing the love of the game. 

The long-established lacrosse development partnership between the Wyckoff YMCA and Tribe Lacrosse remains a cornerstone for the newly created BBL North to build upon. “We are thrilled to bring BBL’s best in class, youth lacrosse development model to Bergen County. This partnership will provide local access to elite level lacrosse training for boys and girls the way it should be done” said Jeff Eischen, BBL North Director. 

Being able to increase the availability of lacrosse to more kids and offer strong fundamental training is part of BBL’s mission. This effort continues the Wyckoff YMCA’s tradition of offering innovative, top quality programs to its members.” Jerry O’Loughlin COO BBL.

Lax Blast

Sess. I

Gr. K - 1: Mon. 4-5pm, Thu. 4-5pm

Gr. 2 - 3: Mon. 5-6pm, Thu. 5-6pm

Lax Blast develops athleticism, sports intelligence, and teamwork skills through unique exercises and games. Players will come away as better athletes - able to better use their bodies and minds to succeed in sports. Lax Blast provides cutting edge lacrosse training exercises for developing stick skills and small sided game play ability.

Full Member: $175   Program Member: $185    Non-Member: $195


Lacrosse: Introduction

Sess. II

Gr. 1 - 3: Mon. 4-5pm

Develop a broad base of introductory skills (throwing, catching, cradling) and then hone their use within friendly competitions. Gain more confidence before moving into more skill intensive development. 

Full Member: $175   Program Member: $185    Non-Member: $195


Lacrosse: Shooting & Dodging

Sess. II

Gr. 3 - 5: Mon. 5-6pm

Through shooting training curriculum learn ambidextrous throwing/ shooting form focusing on full motion overhand and a variety of dodges (fake, face, hitch, split and roll). Players will be evaluated and re-assessed at the conclusion of training to establish their next level of proficiency.

Full Member: $175   Program Member: $185    Non-Member: $195


soccer ball

Soccer Classes:

Wyckoff YMCA Soccer Training Program Partners with Liverpool F.C. International Academy!

Pre Academy 

Birth Year: 2010 - 2012 soccer ball

Boys: Tue. 7-8pm  Girls: Fri. 6-7pm

Games: Sat. 8:30-10:30am 

Train with professional coaching staff to improve fundamental technical skill sets prior to playing Academy soccer in a nurturing and high-level training environment. Play with athletes from other clubs to enhance player development. Practice uniform provided.

Full Member: $380   Program Member: $390    Non-Member: $400


Reds Development Center 

Birth Year: 2006 - 2009

Boys: Tue. 6-7pm, Girls: Fri. 5-6pm soccer

Improve and enhance the 5 Pillars of Player Development. Technical: Passing, Shooting, Running with the Ball, Dribbling. Tactical: Positioning on the field, on and off the ball. Physical: Intensive dynamic exercises to maximize speed of play. Mental: Bringing the Strength within out, learning to adapt mentally to challenges within the game. Social: Leadership, ownership, and responsibility. 

Full Member: $300   Program Member: $310    Non-Member: $320


Center of Excellence Training Academy 

Invite Only, Birth Year: 2004 - 2009 

Boys: Mon. 7-8:15pm, Girls: Wed. 6:15-7:30pm

A club neutral program for players in the local area to train together on a weekly basis. Learn the core values and principles which drive the success of the Liverpool Football Club Academy at Melwood, Liverpool. Training kit provided. 

Full Member: $380   Program Member: $390    Non-Member: $400


Goalkeeper Academy 

Birth Year: 2001 - 2009

Sess. I: Tue. 7-8pm, Fri. 6-7pm 

Professional and International Goalkeeper Coaches will work on all technical and tactical drills including, reactions, crosses, kicking, set position, handling and many more components to be the best goalkeeper for your Club Team! 

Full Member: $300   Program Member: $310    Non-Member: $320


Private and Small Group Lessons private soccer

The Wyckoff YMCA Soccer Program will be offering Private Lessons and Small Group Lessons all year round for all soccer players in Club, Rec, Town, and High School Soccer Programs. Our Professional Staff will work on individual skills to enhance the development of the soccer player.

Private Lessons: 

  • (1) 45 Minute Session: $85 
  • (8) 45 Minute Sessions: $560 

Sports Clinics:

Competitive Sports, Leagues, Training, and Instruction at the Y teaches commitment, builds self-esteem, clarifies fair play, and promotes teamwork. Athletes begin to understand the value of exercise, pushing to bring out your best effort, and learn goal setting. Being a part of the Y’s team offers a sense of community where you learn resilience when the game isn’t going your way. Our coaches communicate, care, and encourage each individual on and off the field. We want you on our team! 

Basketball Clinic:basketball court

Gr. 3 – 5

Sess. I/II: Wed. 5:30-6:15pm

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $110  /  Non-Member: $120 



Gr. 6 – 8

Sess. I/II: Mon. 6-6:45pm

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $110  /  Non-Member: $120 



NFL Flag Football Clinic on the Turf:flag football

Gr. K – 2

Sess. I: Mon. 3:45-4:30pm

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $110  /  Non-Member: $120 



Track Fundamentals: track

Gr. 3 -5

Sess. I/II: Fri. 5:15-6:15pm

Full Member: $100    Program Member: $120



Volleyball Clinic:Volleyball

Gr. 3 – 6

Sess. I/II: Thu. 4:15-5pm

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $110  /  Non-Member: $120 


Gr. 7 – 8 volleyball

Sess. I/II: Thu. 5-6pm

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $120  /  Non-Member: $130 


Gr. 9 – 11

Sess. II: Thu. 6-7pm

Full Member: $110  /  Program Member: $120  /  Non-Member: $130 

Sports Leagues:

Rotating Game Time Schedule provided for Leagues

Basketball League:

Gr. 1 - 2, Gr. 3 - 5

Sess. II-III (14 weeks): Sat. 8:30am

A different skill will be introduced each week and incorporated into game situations. As the season progresses, the focus will be more on game time and less on instruction. Become fundamentally sound in all aspects of basketball! 

Full Member: $200  /  Program Member: $210  /  Non-Member: $220 


Street Devils Floor Hockey Leaguesfloor hockey

Gr. 1 – 3

Sess. I: Thu. 4:45pm

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $110  /  Non-Member: $120 

Sess. II-III (14 weeks): Thu. 4:45pm

Full Member: $200  /  Program Member: $210  /  Non-Member: $220 

Equipment and program sponsored by the New Jersey Devils. This grassroots program has one goal: bring the love of hockey to the community. 


Street Devils Floor Hockey Leagues 

Gr. 4 – 6

Sess. I: Tue. 4pm

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $110  /  Non-Member: $120 

Sess. II-III (14 weeks): Tue. 4pm

Full Member: $200  /  Program Member: $210  /  Non-Member: $220 

In conjunction with the NHL and the New Jersey Devils, the Street Devils Floor Hockey League offers the opportunity to play hockey which combines speed, athletic ability, and sportsmanship.


NFL Flag Football LeaguesNFL Flag football

Gr. 1 – 2, Gr. 3 – 4, Gr. 5 – 6

Sess. I: Sat. 8:30am

NFL sponsored leagues where jerseys are supplied with official NFL team logos. Turn your passion into play with learning how to maneuver through a defense, run basic routes, and the proper method for taking a hand-off. 

Full Member: $100  /  Program Member: $110  /  Non-Member: $120  

Private Basketball Training:basketball Player

Available Upon Request with Y Team Coaches Transform Your Game, Refine and Improve Technical Basketball Skills, and Pinpoint new techniques and drills personalized to the player’s needs.

30 min. Private: $40
60 min. Private: $65
60 min. Semi-Private
(2 children): $80

Sports Teams:

Travel Basketball Programbasketball hoop

Gr. 5-8

Tryouts: Wed., October 24

The Wyckoff YMCA’s Travel Basketball Team strives to elevate skills, promote teamwork, and develop the player as well as the individual. The program is structured to be free of parent coaching, excessive expense, and distant travel. We stress dedication and hard work in a balanced environment while trying to accommodate your family’s schedule as much as possible. It is sure to be a rewarding experience for your young athlete! 

  • Includes 10-15 games 
  • Practice 1-2 days per week 
  • Season culminates here at the Y with a statewide YMCA tournament 


Elite Basketball Trainingbasketball court

Specifically geared toward the Travel, AAU, and Varsity Athlete. Designed to develop the TOTAL player including all aspects of the game from ball handling and shooting to intense defensive drills. Focus is on the mental side of the game as well as teaching your athlete what it means and what it takes to become an Elite Player. Not recommended for beginning players. 

Grades 5 – 8: Boys and Girls 

Mon., 7-8:30pm: 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15 

Wed., 6:30-8pm: 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17 

Grades 9 – 12: Boys and Girls 

Tue., 7-8:30pm: 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/16 

Thu., 6:30-8pm: 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18 

Full Member: $325 for 8 sessions 
Program/Non-Member: $335 for 8 sessions